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Here’s Where You Can Have $2 Wine That’s Not Goon

Sound the alarms, praise all the Gods, and sing hallelujah. We’ve just found the ultimate combo of class, culture, and cheap-ness right in the heart of Sydney.

The team at Black Bottle Darlinghurst have proven that not all heroes wear capes, by coming up with the happiest of happy hours that we most definitely, certainly, absolutely need.

Every Thursday night from 5-7pm, the bartenders will be cracking bottle after bottle of top-notch vino and pintxos for the happiest of all happy hours.

So, basically, if my maths calculation checks out (and I’m almost certain it does) you’ll be getting quality glasses of wine for around two bucks.

As in, the same value of that cheap goon you scavenge at a house party, but infinitely better quality.

Sing it with me now: this is what dreams are made of.

In case you didn’t catch that: we’re talking two dollars for wine, and two dollars for delicious Spanish finger-food (or you can order their Mediterranian share plates).

If you can’t make Thursdays, come along on Wednesdays, when the Black Bottle beauties are bringing you ‘Fromage In A Box”.

Yeah, that’s right, a whole oven-baked wheel of melted cheese, potatoes, cured meats and salad to split between at least two people (for only $39 each).

But, I mean, as if you need any further justification why you should go.

It’s a one-stop shop for settling into the colder months. And the perfect place to gather your squad, let off some steam from the week, and share in a deliciously flavoured and deliciously priced bottle of wine and a platter of Spanish treats.


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The Weekly Famous Crackin’ Thursday @blackbottledarlo is here $2 Wines & $Pintxos 5 to 7pm, Happy Hour on selected wine and drinks. 🎉🍷🥂

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Like, come on, is there anything better than that? In my immediate future, I think not.

You’ve basically paid for your Uber in the money you save by heading on over to the Black Bottle wine bar at 118-116 Darlinghurst Rd and enjoying the hospitality. It’s only logical.

See you there!

Images: GIPHY, Instagram (@blackbottledarlo)

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