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Hilariously Uncomfortable ‘Tales Of Rejection’ On Twitter

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

People of Twitter have been sharing their ‘tales of rejection,’ and some of them are honestly too much. I will never understand how or why people do the things they do. My worst experiences with rejection extend only as far as being ghosted or left on read. So my heart really goes out to these poor sods who have really been through the rejection ringer.

“You’re Like A Sister”

I really hope this woman gave up immediately after hearing that…

Foot Fetish

I don’t know whether to be grossed out or impressed by that last part?

At Least You Made Her Laugh?

Girls love funny guys, right?

Freckle Face

Is this a thing? I thought freckles were supposed to be adorable??

Supportive Boyfriends

Was it a Friday night though? Because Fridays are for the boys…

Mark Freaking Sucks

Hahaha I feel like we all know a Mark, tbh.

Dropping Hints

Yeah, um, that will probably do it.

This Escalated Quickly

Did they dress as JFK and Marilyn Monroe??

Kyle Is Gross

Kyle, honey, your high school crush was a savage.

Gold Digger

Well, if anything, at least she was honest….

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Image Sources: Twitter, Universal Pictures 

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