Hollywood Actors Throw Shade At Trump In This Play Based On The Mueller Report

These Hollywood actors performed a play about The Mueller report

Many people haven’t gotten around to reading the full 448-page Mueller Report. It’s certainly heaps of information to take in and it’s deff a lengthy read that basically no one has time for. So what did some people in the US do to try and get people informed? They turned the report into a play and got celebrities to act it out. And I’m so here for it.

Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, Robert Schenkkan, wrote The Investigation: A Search for the Truth in 10 Acts. This play is basically a reading of the report, shortened in to ten acts. And it’s featuring some major A-list celebs like Alyssa Milano, Kevin Kline, and Justin Long. John Lithgow plays Donald Trump, and his performance is just too spot on.

These celebs performed before an audience in New York City. However, it was also live-streamed online on Law Action Work.  While it wasn’t on any main streaming services, it still got national and  even global attention.

If you missed the live footage of the reading, no worries. You can absolutely still watch it if keen to watch celebrities throw shade at Trump for 70 minutes.

So this is happening right now… @LawWorksAction is doing a live reading of the Mueller Report. This is incredible.

The Mueller Report is kind of confusing, as it has a lot of details going on.  There’s more tea in this report than in the Jordan Woods scandal. So consider this your guide to navigating through all this mess.

Most of all, I just love that celebrities are doing this to get people’s attention. I mean, the report screams obstruction of justice. People deserve to know everything that happened in the 2016 election because it was honestly quite fucked.

Popcorn at the ready. It’s time for an unusual movie night.

Image Source: Law Action Work Live Screening

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