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Hollywood Movies Are Coming Down Under, So What Does This Mean For Aussie Films

The Government’s plan aims to create 8,000 jobs.

It’s no secret that coronavirus has royally screwed us over during the last few months. We’ve had to postpone weddings and graduations, miss funerals, and stay away from pubs. But things are starting to look up! The Federal Government has unveiled a plan to bring Hollywood productions down under. So get your cameras ready for star-spotting.

The government’s plan, costing $400 million, will take place over seven years. It’s projected to bring in about $3 billion in revenue, and create 8,000 jobs. This money will be going to an already existing program to support films being made in Australia.

This updated plan would be a lifesaver for the Australian economy. Not only for the entertainment industry that has taken a massive hit during this pandemic, but also for the hundreds of thousands of people who have lost their jobs.

When discussing the plan, Scott Morrison said “This investment is key to our JobMaker plan to create jobs, boost local business activity and provide training and skills.”

The Federal Government reckon that because of Australia’s relatively low coronavirus case numbers, Australia would be looking pretty favourable to Hollywood folks. Let’s just hope that the situation in VIC, and now NSW, is brought under control ASAP.

The Government are hoping that this plan won’t just bring in revenue and jobs during the coronavirus pandemic, but will allow for repeat productions to be developed and produced in Australia.

We’ve already had a number of big name movies made here in Aus, like the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, and parts of Thor: Ragnarok. But the latest incentive program, which boasts a 30% tax offset rate (meaning production companies won’t have to pay as much tax on the films), has already attracted a number of other big films too.

For example, Thor: Love and Thunder and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings will be filmed in Sydney, Godzilla vs Kong on the Gold Coast, and Shantaram and The Alchemyst in Melbourne.

What About Australian Films?

While this plan to bring Hollywood blockbusters to Australia would be great for our economy, there have been a number of people questioning why the Government has committed such a big sum of money to support Hollywood films, but nowhere near that kind of support for Aussie films too.

It’s definitely a valid question, and one that the Government needs to address. We have some incredibly talented directors, writers, and actors right here at home, Their talents and efforts should be supported in the same way.

While it’s amazing news for extras, lighting techs, set designers, makeup artists, and other behind the scenes workers, we should also be showcasing the homegrown talent that we have here too. During a time where unemployment rates are at an all time high, the Government putting funds towards this initiative to create 8,000 is a great step, but it needs to go further.


Image Source: Unsplash (Nathan DeFiesta)

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