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HOLY POKÉBALL, Mewtwo And All Of The Pokemon Are Here In Latest Detective Pikachu Trailer

Following trailer number one 3 months back, Warner Bros have oh so kindly gifted us with another peek at our favorite yellow piece of fluff as the most adorable detective. Time to move over Sherlock.

The trailer features a heap of nostalgic characters including Aipom, Snorlax, Ludicolo and Flareon and even a cheeky cameo from Diplo (yeah, we’re confused too). But Mewtwo is the real star of the clip, coming in hot (and angry) at the very end. Not only is it bringing back memories, but the realistic characters are just how we imagined our life would be if we were ever to encounter Kanto. And we’re not sure how we’d actually react because FYI, Lickitung is just plain creepy. But alas, watch the trailer for yourself and let your inner child get indescribably excited.

Detective Pikachu will hit cinemas in Aus on May 9, so book your seats quick to get in before the kiddies.

Image Source: Warner Bros.

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