How To Host The Perfect Summer BBQ

Sunset drinks, cracking tunes and bunch of mates so great you would almost class yourself as a sitcom, with those ingredients you’re well on your way to an afternoon to remember. There’s something so enticing about drinking during the day, like you’ve broken your curfew for coffee or stayed up past your bedtime. Add a little sizzle to your BBQ with these entertaining tips.

Pick your guest list with care

So maybe you’re a social butterfly fluttering between friend groups with ease, but not everyone has that luxury. Think about the group dynamic when you’re working out who to invite, although you may get along with them swimmingly others may not. That being said, that’s only for some individuals, otherwise throwing new people together can result in new friendships, blooming new connections even a love match perhaps. Your mate will be extra thankful after he’s introduced to his new Mrs at your place.

Prep ahead

Don’t leave it to the last minute. What’s the point in gathering your friends in a space where you can enjoy their company if you can’t participate? Not a whole lot of purpose in that. Instead do the hard yards the evening before and you’ll be able to nibble and sip with your crew stress free.

Over cater 

Something about day drinking and Christmas inspired gluttony means that summer occasions demand extra food. Worst comes to worst you have meals precooked for a week of lunches, not so bad after all. Start with a decent antipasto offering which should fill up people’s eating real estate so you don’t have to splurge on scotch fillet for everyone.

Grills your sides

The one pot meal of BBQ food, by popping all your cooking to bed in the same place you’ll be able to spend you time mingling and cooking. Let the conversation form around your Jamie Oliver efforts and offer tastes to any passers by, that should keep the hungry hoards at bay while you turn and tong. Vegetables, corn or fruit for the salads all go down a treat with a little charcoal sear.

Sizzle to perfection

Nothing can ruin a BBQ more swiftly than poorly cooked meat, we’re always cautious of undercooked but overcooked is just as bad. Think Bunnings Saturday tong master as you toss and turn your prized snags and try to stay at least a little focused on the meat at hand. If you show it a little TLC the crowd is sure to appreciate your efforts. Or at least be polite enough to mask it in sauce rather than telling you straight.

Cocktail hour

If you’re going to host a day drinking event, it’s your responsibility to keep the drinks on ice. Turn it up a notch and whip together a little party punch or cocktail for the day, so along with BYO your guests can slurp a little faster. All you need is a bowl, sparkling wine, a spirit of your choice and a selection of fruit and fruit juice. Voila, you have a showy little fish bowl that demands to be drunken from as soon as you meet it’s gaze.

Image source: Undiscovered Kitchen, Food 52, Nutrition Coalition, Delish, Food Network.

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