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Hostels With The Best Vibes The World Over

Travelling the world is as much about the sights as it is the people. If you’re wandering alone or exploring with this in mind, hostels provide a forum to meet a smorgasbord of eclectic people in one fervent space. The drinks are free poured, the mood is electric and the turnover of new faces at an all time high.

Oh and they’re cheaper than that horribly cramped hotel room in the dodgy part of town. Here’s our pick of the craziest hostels to turn your trip up to 11. New mates guaranteed.

Kadir’s Tree Houses, Olympos, Turkey

Harking back to your childhood days of lazing about in a cubby house, this Turkish hostel is a wonderland. Treehouses built for mischief and revelry all looking onto the communal courtyard. You don’t even have to leave your room to be a part of the community. With a pizza restaurant on site and endless adventure activities to keep you busy during the day, Kadir’s is a prime spot to let loose.

Oasis Backpackers Hostel, Lisbon, Portugal

Coming from Australia you’ll be pleasantly surprised with an evening out in Lisbon. Home to the best hostels per capita in the world, this up and coming beauty is all about the nights out. And when we say nights we mean early mornings. Enjoy a group dinner together with your new hostel family, then shots at the hostel bar, before heading out on a pub crawl. Did we mention the pub crawl doesn’t start til midnight or so? You’ll be needing that siesta after a night out with this reckless bunch.

Caso Elemento, Colombia

Home to the world’s largest hammock, relaxation is key here. Swing in the nearby jungle then watch your day cruise by as you sit beside the pool. Explore then chill is a mantra we can live by.

Kex Hostel, Iceland

Taking a trip to Reykjavik doesn’t have to be an isolating experience, the friendly crew at Kex will have you feeling at home in no time. This isn’t your usual bargain basement experience, instead there’s a gastro pub below the rooms and a warm kit out throughout the venue. Kex means biscuit in the local language, in case you were wondering.

Ipanema Beach House, Brazil

If you’re off to party capital Rio, you needn’t search any further for a party base. Prime location only two blocks from the beach and facilities that rival local hotels, you’ll be lapping it up with new mates, sinking poolside pres in no time.

Plus Hostel, Florence, Italy 

With a rooftop view spanning the magical city of Florence, as far as the eye can see, you won’t want to leave. Indoor and outdoor pool, sauna, Turkish bath, and a plush breakfast buffet are sure to help you wind down after a long day on foot. But only so you’re ready to revel all night long in true Italian fashion.

Casa En El Agua, San Bernardo Islands, Colombia


Sustainable hostel is all about the location, it’s essentially an island. Solar powered, no wifi and water surrounds make it a truly unique stay. If you feel so inclined you can call one of the balcony hammocks your own, because let’s face it, you won’t be going to bed that often. Sublime beyond words.

Dancing Elephant, Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand

Pure unadulterated partying on your to do list? Thailand, home of the full moon party is alive with fluro colour year round. Dancing Elephant boasts itself as the number one party hostel, and we tend to agree. It’s a destination where the revelry is not optional.

India House, New Orleans, USA

Before you take to the town or the streets if it’s Mardi Gras, enjoy some stimulating conversation at the India House bar. Located so close to the French Quarter, you’re evening antics and stumbling home will be of no issue here. No curfew, no lockout and a warm inviting air brought by like minded travellers make this an ace space in New Orleans to call your own.

Balmers, Interlaken, Switzerland

From slopes to dancing, this Swiss lodge is all about both. Located so close to the lifts you could almost ski over, although we recommend you don’t after a night with this alpine bunch. Apres ski here is no handful of pints, its an all out night so come prepared to drink a lot.

Caveland, Santorini, Greece

Tucked into the white stone coastline of Santorini is a hostel with a little more class than you’d expect. The rooms are charming rather than quaint and the poolside here less party more relaxing. And with so much to explore on the island, why would you want to stay home. Perfectly peaceful for hangover recovery.

The Clown and Bard, Prague, Czech Republic


Home of the little green fairy absinthe, don’t expect tame evenings here in Prague. You’ll likely find yourself on a pub crawl ending in a 12 hour clubbing adventure before making your way home on foot. No matter the season. Nights to remember will be had here and this hostel is a superb place to start.

Hostel Waka Waka, Marrakesh, Morocco

With colour in spades and culture abound, Waka Waka lets you experience the Moroccan flavour all the way to your accomodation. Rooftop terrace, community courtyard and a focus on keeping you entertained means you’ll be happy to spend your nights camped out here. Learn to cook a Moroccan banquet or sip tea with the local staff, you’ll love every minute of it.

The Pink Palace, Corfu, Greece  

A sorority house painting the island of Corfu pink for the whole summer season. It’s not just a hostel it’s a youth resort, the palatial settings are all fun, all the time. Booze cruises, on site nightclub, and theme nights a plenty, you’ll need a holiday after your stay here just to wind down.

X Hostel, Alicante, Spain

It’s not all tapas and sangria but that’s a lot of it. Nestled in the historic city you’ll find yourself exploring by day and coming home happily for a daytime siesta. Then onto the drinking, the pub crawls, the family dinners, with your new hostel family it is. Rooftop drinks are highly recommended.

Rising Cock, Lagos, Portugal

With a name so brazen you won’t expect anything less than sheer debauchery here. Lagos is know for it’s fun, sun and fiestas, so bring your a game. It’s infamous for it’s partying, so if that’s what you’re after look no further.

The Adventure Brew Hostel, Bolivia

The balcony plays home to not only an obscurely located bathtub, but a sweeping view across the town. If someone doesn’t end up in the tub by the end of the night, you’re doing it wrong. They brew craft beer so much, make sure you take a sip of the local ale, and share your travel stories with pint in hand.

Image source:, Urban Pixxels, Open Travel Exchange, Good Places Good Food, Youtube, Rogue Travel, Tammy and Chris on The Move.

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