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How To Avoid Loneliness In A Big City

Thanks to technology and social media, we as a generation are more connected than ever before. With just a click of a button you can connect with strangers, family and friends all around the world. Why then, are we more alone than ever before? This is a trend that is being seen all over the world. A 2016 Lifeline study found that 60% of Australians felt lonely, perhaps more shocking was that 82% thought that loneliness was increasing. So how do you avoid being lonely, especially if you live in a big city? Well, there are actually a few ways.

#1 House Share

For financial reasons, most of our generation reside in share houses anyway. Heck, chances are you’re reading this in your bedroom whilst your roommates are banging away next door. Granted, there are horror stories of house sharing. People can be the worst and a house share could possibly turn you off humanity forever. However, a house share also means there is someone to come home to after a hectic day at work or Uni. There’s a potential drinking buddy right next door and there’s someone to stay up late with. You may have to search for the right roommates, but if you find the good ones then you’re golden.

#2 Join A Club

Have a think about your hobbies. No, not the fake ones you put on your tinder profile. Think about the things you actually enjoy doing. Chances are there is a club for it. It could be a sporting club, a book club or even a cosplay group. No matter the subject of interest, joining a club gives you interactions with people that share your passions, and gives you something to look forward to every week. If you don’t know what your hobbies are then just go out and sign up to something.

#3 Talk

This seems obvious, but so many people are great communicators online, but never bother to talk in real life. I had a mate who I took to Stonewall in Sydney and rather than talking to any of the guys there he just sat on Grindr. But guaranteed, talking in real life is more valuable than any online interaction. So, go on, talk to people.

#4 Become A Yes Man

Embrace your inner Jim Carey and become a yes man. Say yes to opportunities. Say Yes to the drink at the pub, say yes to going to that concert, say yes to something that pushes you out of your comfort zone a little. You don’t have to say yes to everything like Jim, but say yes to more. You may hate some of the things you do, that’s fine. But at least you did it and maybe you made a friend in the process.

#5 Embrace Being Alone

When I first moved by myself to a big city, I thought I had to do something new and different every night. I quickly wore myself out and the nights when I didn’t have something on, I felt like I was wasting the opportunity. It was then realised that a large part of avoiding loneliness is the ability to be alone, and be okay with it. I will never be my own best friend, but I can now be alone without feeling like I am missing out on life. And that has helped me cure loneliness more than I ever thought it could have.

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