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How To Land Yourself Guaranteed Second Date

Dating has become increasingly more complicated for millennials compared to the generations before us. Stats from a survey conducted by Match last year, that we are 125% more likely to feel addicted to dating than the generations before us. I don’t know whether it’s because it’s so much more completive to find long term love these days, or whether the changing methods of finding a date (thanks Tinder and Bumble) has left us living in a world where the dating game if far more challenging.

We often stumble across plenty of reads on how to nail that first date, but what about the second? It is often the impressions we leave in the lead up and on the first date, that lead to a lasting dating affair. So whether you’re a nervous mess (or an overconfident chauvinist), here are the ways you can successfully land a second date during the first.

#1 Pay Your Own Way

Ah, this is always a difficult one to navigate, but taking initiative and paying your own way on a first date can be a real turn on. For many women, paying their way on a first date is a way of asserting their power and independence (and apparently men are pretty responsive to this too). Break the gender norms and stereotypes. Your approach to money can set the mindset for your potential future relationship.

#2 Avoid Using Your Phone

First dates are a time when you’re supposed to get to know one another. This becomes a little difficult when one person is answering to every Facebook notification. It’s a big turnoff for most of us, sitting across from an unengaged date that pays more attention to a screen than to you. It can signify a lack of social skills and even spontaneity. So be sure to switch your phone to silent and only answer to emergencies. Or if your first date is the emergency, then call out for help.

#3 Take Initiative

The plans of a first date should never be set in stone. Be flexible. Impress your first date with taking iniative in plans that extend outside of the bar that you decided to meet. Posing a romantic walk nearby post a couple of bevvies or even sharing your beloved late night eatery location with your first date is sure to impress, and will leave them wanting a second. Taking initiative is a great sign of independence and decisiveness.

#4 Groom Yourself

Now when I say this, I don’t mean present yourself in an unauthentic outfit that doesn’t represent you in the slightest. I mean practice a little extra person hygiene. Brush your teeth before your arrival, layer on a little extra deodorant (don’t wanna be swamped with the nervous sweats) and even groom your nails. 40% of partcipants from that Match survey I mentioned earlier, revealed that someone that’s well presented demonstrates their ability to care for themselves (meaning they can also care for someone else). Subliminal signs are everything.

#5 Remain True To Yourself

This should be a no brainer. Go into a first date with an open mindset and remember, you don’t need to impress by stretching the truth. Be honest about your interests, your past and your current job. Coming across as anything but yourself can leave your first date with the wrong impression and guarantee, will not leave them wanting a second date. You know that you really earned that second date when your potential lover is interested in going out with you because you’re you.

BONUS: Don’t forget to ask for the second date, that’s kinda crucial.

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