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How Saying No To A Boozy Dinner Once A Week Could Earn You A European Road Trip

We’re all a bit strapped for cash these days. Slapping down $25 for a boozy dinner with mates does in fact cause us minor heart palpitations but we choose to ignore them. Life’s short and well, these Insta stories aren’t going to look glam without ragingly extra indulgences such as these. We’re poor but we needa live, right?

But by saying no to a boozy dinner once a week, you could soon earn yourself a road trip throughout Europe’s lesser known wonders. A lousy $25  set aside each week will soon earn you enough to transform your dream of a European road trip into a reality.

Car insurer company Veygo by Admiral have just released The Global Road Trip Index 2019 and the results are in for the BEST and CHEAPEST places to travel through Europe by car. What’s even better is these places are not the average major cities you’ll see on every Contiki trip itinerary. These are the more untouched parts of Eastern Europe that are begging you to grab ‘ya bestie and visit.

For a 2 week road trip including cost of car hire and accom, these are your best bets:

#1 Latvia ($1,300)

Located on the Baltic Sea, Latvia is flourishing with fine foods, art and natural beauty. Explore untouched coastlines or get lost in open-air museums.

#2 Lithuania ($1,500)

Drive a little further south and you’ll arrive in Lithuania, Europe’s southernmost Baltic state. Take a trip along the sand dunes which hug Lithuania’s long coastlines. Or for a history fix, visit Kernavė, the country’s most famous doorway into ancient civilisations and traditions that once thrived in the region.

#3 Turkey ($1,500)

Visit the iconic Cappadocia region by car or be mesmerised by the lesser-known, turquoise waters along Turkey’s beautiful coastlines. Major cities like Istanbul are rich in history and culture but having your own car allows you to visit the more untouched, hidden gems.

#4 Poland ($1,750)

Top cities to visit in Poland include Warsaw and Krakow but little is known about the wondrous harbour side city of Gdańsk. Grab a car and visit the corners of Poland’s lesser known cities whilst taking in its beautiful countrysides.

#5 Slovakia ($1,800)

Nestled among a rolling mountainside, Slovakia is most well known for its castles rich in medieval history. Visit the High Tatras, a mountain range along the northern part of the country. With a car, you’ll be able to explore parts of the country most tourists don’t get to do.

$25 is the equivalent to a main meal and a bevvie, or a European adventure of a life time – you decide.

So get to it kids, a European road trip is now on the cards!

Image Source: Unsplash, Giphy, Latvia Travel, Lithuania Travel, Unsplash  

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