How To Avoid Getting Ghosted After Every Damn Date

It’s a life struggle.

Ghosting /ˈɡəʊstɪŋ/
The practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication.

The growing technology amongst us is making it increasingly easier to be ghosted. And don’t lie, we have all been affected by this at some point, male or female. It hurts. Right? Especially if you’re pretty into the person you’ve been dating and you’re sat at home wondering what the eff you did. Since we’re going to have to deal with this at some point in our lives (probably multiple times), I’ve got some tips to help keep your new flame on the scene.

Keep Your Cards Close(ish) To Your Chest

We all know that you can’t be too keen when dating. Apparently, in this day in age, everyone loves a good bit of mystery. Don’t be too available so that your date has a reason to ask you out IRL. Just in case you didn’t know, if you message someone your entire life story, there’s literally no space for growth. Let alone anything to talk about on your first date. Keep ’em guessing so they don’t to a Caspar the Friendly on you.

Make Plans

Do not ever fall into the trap of messaging too much. Make plans asap. Of course, it’s cool to get to know your match or date first so you know they’re not a complete weirdo. But try to get a face to face in as soon as you can. Life’s short and realistically, you need to fish out the good from the bad. This means that weeks on end of messaging online ain’t any good for your dating game. Nor your ghosting prevention method. If you talk for weeks, there’s a high chance they might ghost the hell out of you. Get that date organised.

Be Extra Interested

So here’s the thing. Some people will try to ghost you, and because of their conscience, very much struggle to do so. Me included. Here’s your way in. They’ll try not to reply, or send short unresponsive messages, and they’ll reaaaally want to ghost you, but they can’t. Go over the top with your messages here, so they have to reply. Believe it or not, we instinctively want to respond to questions so get quizzing your potential ghoster and there might be a possibility of a future.

If All Else Fails…

Know the signs. If you ghost someone (or preferably break things up with a mature conversation) before they ghost you, you’re the real winner. Comprende?

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