How To Avoid Splurging Beyond Belief When Dating

Please, I’m so poor.

You’ve been dating your partner for a while now, and your bank account is being drained of all its’ worth. Whether you’re spending a lot on your S.O. unnecessarily, or you’re both just having a good time doing things you love, it might be time to step back and think about the future a little bit. We all hate thinking, let alone talking about it, but it might be time to stop going out for dinner at that fancy ass restaurant 3 times a week and start putting away a bit of your hard earned cash.

Cook Dinner At Home

I swear this tip is on every list, so it doesn’t need much explaining. When are we going to realise that eating out is a massive rip off and cooking at home is a much more sensible way of eating (and saving)? Brush up on your skills, dust off the Jamie Oliver cookbook and treat your partner to a nice home cooked meal that won’t break the bank. Trust me, they’ll appreciate the effort, and you’ll appreciate the price.

Cheap (Yet Sentimental) Gifts

When you add up the birthday, anniversary, Christmas and valentine’s day presents, (dating is expensive, sorry) it’s well.. a lot. Curve your spending and put a bit of thought into the gift you’re going to give your S.O. instead of just buying the most expensive thing on the shelf. Get creative and make ‘coupons’, frame photos of the two of you, or build a hamper of all their favourite food and cosmetics. This will definitely save you from having to use your credit card four times a year and I can guarantee your thoughtful prezzie will be loved more than one you have put zero effort into.

Split The Bill

Welcome to the 21st Century, people. You might do this already but for those that don’t, it is more than okay to ask your partner to split the bill with you when you go out. Or, to make things hassle free, just pay for every other meal or activity so you both end up contributing similar amounts. Make sure you’re on the same page and if you’re looking to save just that bit extra, maybe share a dessert too. Picture the whole feeding each other with a spoon thing. Romantic, eh?

Get Creative

Instead of the usual dates you go on, get creative and think about doing dates on the cheap that are just as good. *Cringe alert* you shouldn’t need to spend heaps of money on a date to impress your partner. Yes, it’s nice to do awesome things every now and again, but dates should be about enjoying one another’s company, so embrace spending time with them. Go for a stroll along the beach, walk the dog or set up a home cinema for the night.

Use Vouchers/Discounts

I am a complete sucker for this one. Companies like Groupon and Scoopon are now your best friends. You can catch heaps of good deals (and date ideas) on the cheap, so no more paying full price for your dates, holidays and days out. Keep an eye out for 2 for 1’s, happy hours and ‘day of the week’ deals on company’s socials to save a bit of cash dollar too. It requires a bit of research but your bank account will appreciate the return in the long run.

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