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How To Balance Your Career And Relationship When You’re Ridiculously Busy

Being someone who’s driven and aspires to bigger and better things is a really beneficial thing, especially when it comes to progressing in your career. But when you add another person into the mix, who you’re super into and also has the same drive, it can sometimes be a difficult thing to navigate.

Balancing a career and a relationship (or even a general new flirt) is definitely a learning curve, so we’ve teamed up with NobleOak to to help you manage this often tricky situation.

Try To Keep Work And Home Separate (Most Of The Time)

Granted, sometimes this is unavoidable. Often you’re called or sent an email regarding a task that has to be dealt with immediately that you can’t say no to, which is totally okay. But with this said, it’s probably best if you make an effort most days to keep work and home separate from each other. This way you’re both able to come home and shut off together and unwind from your respective days.

If you work with your new love interest, try to not go out for lunch with them everyday – and equally don’t be offended if they don’t ask you out on the coffee run every morning. Unless you’ve got a real Jim and Pam thing going, then power to you lovebirds.

Clear Communication

This should be present in all relationships, but this is especially helpful if you’re managing a busy career on top of everything. Being able to clearly communicate will make it that whole lot easier. For example, send your partner a random text throughout the day, telling them that you’re thinking of them. Let them know if you have to work late as early as you can, especially if date night was on the cards for that evening. If you have issues with anything regarding work or your relationship, make sure to air it all out, so you can both end up on the same page.

If your partner isn’t super open about work, they also often may have their reasons. Them not telling you everything may just be the pressure and stress that comes with full time work. So probe away at them subtly and just make sure that if/when they want to vent about Mark from Accounting, you’re ready to listen.

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Actually Be Present When You’re Together

Seeing as you’re both busy people, when you spend time together, make sure you’re not just physically present, but mentally present also. Ask each other about your days, how you’re both feeling about things and actually look at them while you’re listening. Try to avoid half listening while scrolling through Instagram, it just looks like you couldn’t give two hoots.

Active listening is also a fab thing to try if you aren’t already doing it. Don’t just answer back with “yep”, “cool”, “nice” (BORING), but rather try asking questions in return that show you are properly listening.

Remember That Prioritising Doesn’t Mean Having To Sacrifice

There’s a difference between the two. You don’t have to sacrifice your relationship for your career (or vice versa). Instead, all that’s needed is a little prioritisation. If you have a deadline, prioritise the time accordingly in order to get it done, of course. Communicate to your partner that you important work to smash out and that once it’s over you can make up for it by doing something carefree together.

Heck, while keeping work and home separate is great, you could even work beside them while they read or watch a movie. This would probs be a bit nicer than being cooped up in an empty office till the early hours. Besides, you both have aspirations, and you should both be supporting, growing and hitting those career goals together.

Are you in a new or long term relationship and potentially looking at getting real serious about things? Maybe you are really career focused at the moment? Well look at you go. If you are getting into serious territory on either front, NobleOak can help out with all of your Life Insurance and Income Protection needs. Let them give you peace of mind while you focus on your career and partner. Good luck, m8s!

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