How To Cope With Not Liking Your S.O’s Friends

So, your relationship is on track and going well. You’ve even met your partner’s friends which would’ve been super exciting.. If you liked them. Not liking your partner’s friends can be a weird process. You like your S.O, your S.O likes their friends, so by extension you should all like each other right? Unfortunately not, because life doesn’t have a Disney filter on it. If you want to find a way to cope with the awkward situation efficiently, you’re in luck. There are always a few cheeky tips to go around, if you don’t want your relationship to take a blunder.

Figure Out Why You Actually Don’t Like Them

This is a great first step to take, because then you’ll have a valid reason for your qualms, rather than look like a petty tyrant. Does your partner change into a different person when they’re with their group? A little change in personality is fairly normal, as they’re adapting themselves to the environment.. but a lot of change is reason for concern. Or are you just salty because you want to spend time with your partner and their friends are stopping that from happening? Unless they’re spending day after day with their buds, you’re probs just jealous.

Calmly Talk To Your Partner About It

Calmly, being the key word. Try not to explode and go off on a hate tangent, as this’ll be met with hostility (unless you like that?) Now that you’ve established why you don’t like their friends as much as you should, you can explain to your partner the reasons why (in an adult manner, God willing.) You’ll probably find that by explaining the reasons for your dislike, your partner may have an explanation that’ll ease your mind.

Do Not Give An Ultimatum

Unless it’s a seriously dire dynamic, giving an ultimatum is a recipe for disaster. Your partner obviously likes who they spend time with, so you demanding they drop the friendship(s) will be met with hostility and resentment. If you give yourself the power to start controlling who’s in their circle, by extension they could do the same to you. And it’s a yeahhhnnnahhh from us. It’s not worth it, don’t start drama.

Get Your Partner To Bridge The Gaps

Seeing as you may not know your partner’s friends that well, you should at least make an effort to get to know them anyway. Before hanging out as a group, ask your S.O. what their friends like, then try to ask them about it the next time you see them. You may find that you both have things in common and the feelings of unease and dislike will go away. It will also help if you’re all doing an activity that you can all enjoy to loosen the tension a little bit. Do it for all of your sakes, life is easier when you get along.

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