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How To Create An App That People Will Actually Download

Have an idea that could storm up the app store charts? Building a click worthy application isn’t that hard.  We’re more connected than ever and often overwhelmed by daily tasks, perhaps your idea could save users from procrastination. Maybe you have a game idea so addictive Pokemon Go will pale in comparison. Whatever it is, don’t let you lack of coding knowledge scare you off. Building an app is possible without fluency in code, here’s how.

With a small amount of initial cash, you can turn that working sketch into a functional app. Developers be damned, there are a heap of platforms that bring your dream to life. But before you start make sure your game plan is on point.

Nail your niche

For your app to stand out amongst the millions, it has to offer something different. Entertainment, productivity, tracker whatever your niche may be go beyond the category and hone in. What does your user look like? How do they spend their time? How often do they visit? In the initial stages of design nailing these aspects will ensure you have an audience to work with in the long run. Personalise as much as you can within the application to show the user just how unique they are. If you value them they will value the app.


Gaming psychology is the most effective way to draw consumers. Gaming psychologists study these incentive drivers on every game from Mario to Kim Kardashian. Tracking the way, we think can map out how to best hook someone into a game, by employing these tactics you can entice someone to stay using your app. Goals, calls to action, feedback on achievements and as little distraction as possible lead to a superb user experience. Motivate your users then reward them and they will not log off any time soon. 

Focus on user loyalty

To retain your new found application lovers, the experience in-app has to be seamless. Glitches, loading issues or lags just won’t cut it. The majority of users are fickle, they jump aboard fads and fleet between apps. To keep your acquisition high, aim for minimal steps, simple prompts and a range of options. Enabling push notifications and offering new information through action are key to engaging users long term. And for those who do stay in-app reward them for their loyalty with added features, frequent flyers of your platform should get a little something in return.

Make it shareable

Intergrate it all. A great app should offer sharing opportunities so easily it’s spreads virally. Share buttons, unique platform offerings, rewarding shares and inviting new users will set your offering apart. Even if you’re not in a commercial mindset just yet, content worth making should be easily shared. By building this into the framework itself, you can market your winning app without lifting a finger or wasting a dime. Don’t be as annoying as Farmville but make it accessible. 

Ensure its workable

Outside yoga class, flow is probably it’s most crucial here in the mobile space. From game to utility it shouldn’t be hard to figure out. An app is here to help or enrich in someway, it should never feel like a chore. Map out a flow chart of how users make their way through your app from start to finish and test it out with mates. If something doesn’t make sense now, you can guarantee it won’t function properly once it’s online. Design, function and content should compliment each other. To improve on this constantly update your app, new features, new modules, give back to the user.


Inspired? Here’s a few apps that make the building process as easy as can be.

Appery.io, Good Barber, Appy.pie, Game Salad or reach out to someone on Fiverr.

All offer free plans with a fee once you start using certain features or hit different quotas. So no stress if it doesn’t work for you.

Image source: Mac Prices Australia, Combo Shop, NDOT Tech, Intel, E Punched.

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