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How To Cure A Beastly Hangover Quick Smart

It’s the unrelenting beast that halts our best intentions – you know the ones those idealistic goals you yelled barside the evening before. Running marathons, cleaning the house, spring cleaning your life or even just rolling out of bed, plans are left in tatters once a hangover intervenes. It’s the fuzzy headed monster that rears it’s ugly head after a night of debauchery, but there’s more than one way to rid yourself of it’s grabby claws. And none of our tricks will suggest you drink a drop less, don’t worry.

We asked punters at Laneway festival their hangover cures and oh boy is it revelation. From curry to the ocean and every absurdity in between. Here’s a few more ideas worth implementing in search of a morning after feeling that’s a little more bearable.

Enjoy A Bowl Or Two

Hey, I’m talking about food. Make sure you line that delicate stomach of yours to protect against the rumbling pangs of post drinking guilt. Before, after and during is the winning combo, if you needed an extra incentive to snack your way through a night out. That HSP is your ticket to blissful morning after health right? Not exactly, you’re best to look for protein rich options rather than blinding amounts of greasy foods but something is better than nothing. Otherwise you’re pounding head will be relentless. Think soupy, soul southing options like pho, wonton soup or ramen; you’ll be feeling warm and fuzzy after a single slurp.

Pop A Berocca Or Two

That fizzy feeling. That effervescence. If you have an ailment, Berocca is your answer. It’s a pick me up you’ll be in desperate need of come your waking moments fumbling about desperately for water. Vitamin C and a whole load of pick me up is squeezed into each tablet, for your soon to be perkier pleasure. Is it a long term solution? No, but you will be able to survive the day without avoiding sunlight and move beyond the foetal position.

Soak In The Tub

With researchers finding that passive heating aka. long soaks in the bath having many shared health benefits as exercise it’s a no brainer really. Twist that faucet and let yourself slip into a warm body of water and let your pulsating head and regrets all but dissolve with the bath bomb you’ve left to colour the water. Passive heating. What a dream. Heat yourself and treat yourself at the same time. We don’t advise pouring a glass of red to enjoy with it in the state you’re in, instead just enjoy the bubbles.

Sip On Electrolytes

Usually Powerade and other luminescent drinks would be a trap of poor health choices, but alas after all that dancing you did last night you’re an athlete in your own right.  If you take your hangover curing ambitions abroad, you’d see coconut water, pickle juice and sports drinks litter the list thanks to those electrolyte boosting properties. Even if it’s a placebo, we don’t mind sipping the day of pain away with a little extra hydration.

Don’t Stop Drinking

What hangover? This isn’t so much a cure as a prolonging tool. You don’t ever have to be hungover if you never stop. The logic although problematic certainly isn’t false, provided you can stomach it. The bevy of breakfast brunch drinks from mimosa to Bloody Mary’s speak to a motley crew of individuals who swear by the hair of the dog. Just perhaps don’t bring a flask to work and know that whenever you do stop popping bottles the hangover will be even more beastly than a single night’s session.

Sweat It Out

Exercise? Now? Uh. If you can hydrate yourself to an upright position a little exercise will actually do you a world of good. That endorphins rush you see will have you feeling all activated almonds and green juices despite the havoc you wreaked last night. While we certainly don’t recommend hitting an F45 class, it doesn’t hurt to go for a brisk walk or run the local park. Vitamin D and endorphins make for hangover busting cocktail, if you can find enough motivation to lift your ass off the couch.

Hit The IV

When all else fails, it’s time to hit the hard stuff. It’s the fodder of bendering Coachella attendees and savvy partiers across the globe, the intravenous treatment. Needle prick adverse look away now, as the IV  treatment is not for the easily queasy. But if you can handle it, lay back and let your body be replenished. Hangover clinics are popping up across the country for the sole purpose of making you a functioning human with haste, it’s certainly invigorating.

Image source: Lady and The Pups, Larissa Costea, Health Greatness,  Pop Sugar, Africology, Life Without Andy. 

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