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How To Cure Your Post Euro-Trip Blues

Your Euro-trip was full of late nights on rooftop bars, sipping from endless glasses of sangria, soaking up the Mediterranean sun and making new friends. It was a charmed life, so it can be a little hard when you step off the plane and have to return back to reality. You can no longer have gelato for breakfast! You’re back on the daily grind of uni, work, study and repeat! Your tan is fading! You haven’t even unpacked your suitcase yet! The transition back to everyday life can be difficult, so here’s a few ways to kick the post Euro-trip blues.

#1 Catch Up

You’ve had the time of your life meeting new people, going out and eating great food, and seeing the amazing sights of the world. But just because you’re back home doesn’t mean your life is boring! Now you get to catch up with all the friends and family you had to temporarily leave behind.

Instead of doing the mundane coffee catch-up, spice it up! Let your Euro-trip inspire you to go to all the trendy bars back home. Meet up with friends over a salsa dancing lesson at your local bar to make things fun- it’s also a great way to show off the moves you learnt while you were away. You could even go to local art galleries or food festivals to reconnect with your loved ones.

#2 Look After Yourself

Gelato, wine, cheese, pasta, beer, pizza…. Your mouth is probably watering just thinking of all the amazing food you ate while you were away. But now you’re back home, and it’s a little harder to justify sitting on a balcony all afternoon drinking Aperol spritzes. It’s high time to get back to a healthy exercising routine and eating well. Though that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t still treat yourself once in a while with a cannoli… or three.

#3 Keep Yourself Busy

As much as you might dread returning back to work or study, there are still things to look forward to like Friday night work drinks, mid-sem breaks or sneaky weekends away. Plan things to fill up the time and to look forward to. Instead of scrolling through your Insta feed during lunch, and making you desperately sad that you’re not lounging on a beach somewhere, start making a photo album as a way to re-live the memories in a productive way.

#4 Keep Your New Hobbies Alive

When you’re overseas, you tend to give more things a go! You become the ‘yes man’ you usually aren’t back home. It lets you discover new talents and hobbies you didn’t even realise you would enjoy. So whether it was from a cooking lesson, wine tour, or the last minute salsa class you signed up for, don’t let these new-found hobbies fade! Do some research on local spots, grab some friends, and keep the passion burning.

#5 Book Another Trip!

There’s no other way to get over your post Euro-trip blues than booking another trip, whether it be back to Europe or somewhere else in the world. It can reignite that motivation to work and study hard, because before long, you’ll be jet-setting across the world once again and making even more memories.

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