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5 Gym Classes To Charge Into 2017 With

Another year started, I hear the promises of healthier diets or dedicated fitness plans; I’ve always thought January is a gym’s favourite month.

Being over organised, I decided to start my new year’s resolution in October by joining my local gym.

Feeling incredibly unmotivated, I decided to check out the group class timetable, and having never done a group class (beyond that one yoga class five years ago!) I was overwhelmed with which class was right for me. The solution, do all of them! So here’s five classes to try for the beginner, find the right one for you and you’ll be sticking to that new regime with ease.

Spin/Cycle Class

Killer tracks and dim lights, it’s easy to forget your exercising in this class; that is until your instructor asks you to up the intensity and peddle faster!  Your legs will ache the day after (and the day after that!) So be prepared to have the shakes in your calves and thighs and avoid stairs (trust me.)


I was reluctant to try this class as I am incredibly uncoordinated and have difficulty navigating passed furniture without knocking something over. Zumba is non-stop dancing, and I mean non-stop / can’t keep up / she wants me to do that?! / Type of dancing. Once you accept that it’s all in good fun, it’s a great workout, even if you look like a clown with two left feet.

Aqua Aerobics

I’ve been to this class a couple of times and I’ve been the youngest member in the class by at least 20 years! Don’t let that fool you though; Aqua Aerobics is HARD WORK! Exercising in water brings a whole new level of difficulty (and constant reminding to close your mouth – yes I was trying to take a deep breath and splashed water in my mouth.) The class is split between weight training with foam dumbbells to extreme cardio. It’s a fun one to add into your week as I feel I’m targeting a whole other type of fitness.

Body Pump

This is probably the most well rounded class you’ll do as it targets all key muscle groups in one session. Each exercise or track lasts about 3-4 minutes and is set to fun, up-beat tunes. My legs have been known to turn to jelly during and I’ve been left stiff the next day. Eat something small before you go as the weight training can be incredibly draining.


I’ve found this class as an incredible end to my week after having participated in the classes above. Yoga is really great to stretch and unwind from the day. I think my favourite thing about yoga, beyond the fact I get to take my shoes off, is that it teaches you to really focus on your body; it’s strengths, weaknesses, breathing and mental state. It’s important to really listen to your body and do what feels comfortable for you, rather than compete with the person next to you – which is lucky because I can’t even touch my toes, and I’m sitting next to people who appear to have no bones.

The best thing you can do is just try a class out and if unsure speak to the instructor before hand. They will usually tailor some exercises to your level. Exercising is meant to be fun, so just embrace that you’re not the most fit, coordinated or fast – and just watch the sweat start dripping away. New Year’s resolutions? Tick.

Image source: FashionAbleFit, Wentworth Point Community, Dance Studio Old Bethpage, Timeout.

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