How To Diffuse The Awkward Feels On A First Date

“Be yourself” pls no

Dating really sucks if you’re socially inept, and let’s face it, many of us are as awkward as anything. Due to our lack of social graces and know-how, first dates can be chaos to navigate. Meaning that we’re more likely to nervously choke on our own spit while trying to mutter a sentence, rather than being the care-free being we want them to see. Ah, good times. Love it. Not all hope lost though, there are ways we can diffuse some of that awkwardness during our dating ventures.

Leave Your Phone Alone

Using our phones as a shield is a real thing that we do all too often. Usually we use this tactic when we’re trying to avoid someone from high school (no guilt, sorry.) But doing this to fill in the lingering silence is going to be hella awkward. C’mon, they’ve already seen you, they’re literally sitting right there. If you’re going to use your phone, make it useful. Maybe you went travelling and want to show pictures as a conversation booster. Or you saw something funny that you think you could both have a laugh over, go for it. Just make sure that there won’t be random messages that pop up from your ex you’re still somehow friends with. And whatever you do, don’t start scrolling through Facebook while they’re talking.

Go About The Bevs Wisely

A glass of wine might help, but there’s a line. One glass of wine at dinner could provide you with the relaxation you need to feel more carefree. Meaning that if all goes well, you should be able to imitate your demeanour on the second date without the alcohol. However, if you go hard and smash those drinks like you need them to not implode, this might not be the best look. If they have to shoosh you for being too loud, hold you up, or ask you to repeat what you just said due to slurring, you goofed it. If you’re going to drink just make sure you’re both doing it together, it’s more fun that way.

Talk About Hobbies

One way to snuff out the awkward feels is to venture into the broad topic of hobbies. This way you’ll both find things you have in common and it allows you to waffle on about what you like. If you like music, then vent on about your 3 favourite bands, and the festival you went to last Summer. End your part of the conversation with “what’s your favourite band?” and a-presto you have yourself a flowing conversation.

Just Chill (Or Try Too)

Admittedly, this is totally easier said than done. But first dates are about getting to know one another. While it can be awkward, there’s also room to have a laugh and make it enjoyable. All you have to do is remind yourself that it’s early days. You’re not locked in to spend the rest of your life with this person, and if the date doesn’t work out it’s okay. Just be yourself. If it’s the right person, they’ll like you regardless.

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