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How To Dress For Work In The Awful Heat

As the temps are soring above 30 degrees this week, the Aussie heat can be particularly brutal when you’re all buttoned up. Save turning the air conditioning down to blistering temps or working from home, there has to be a solution. We’re all stumped at what to wear, but don’t worry ’cause we got your sweaty-self sorted.


For both ladies and guys, colour is super important. Keep up with the summer vibes outside and bring the fresh air inside. Choose resort wear-esque colours, think whites and creams, nautical stripes and think pastel light oranges, pinks, blues etc.

Loose Fits

An oversized shirt tucked into an A-line mini gives the ladies a comfortable yet polished combo and for the guys a button-up collared shirt paired with cropped trousers will keep you cool from the bus stop to the office. Linen is your best friend during summer, too. If you’re not on the linen train yet, jump on immediately because it will have you breathing a lot easier wherever you work.

Graphic Details

By this I mean classic cut-outs. Not only does it add interest to the crisp cool colours of the season but you also have ventilation with a bonus cheeky hint of bare skin. There are plenty of crops for the ladies with laser-cut details you can pair with a high-waisted pair of pants or midi-skirt. Guys there are heaps of perforated basketball-short style pants and shorts that are trending right now, give it a try with the classic button shirt.

Statement Shoes

Use your shoes as the wow-factor to your outfit. Think loose trousers and a casual tee with florescent pumps for the ladies or tan brogues for the guys. You also can’t go past the flatform sneaker, which is in the fashion spotlight right now. There are plenty of styles to choose from with many for the warmer season sporting the nautical rope heel detailing. Try this look for a preppy fresh take to any outfit this summer.


Despite the heat, many of you may still need to sport a blazer. Ladies ‘drazers’ are having a moment which are prefect for this heat. Think a double-breasted traditional blazer, front in knee-length with no sleeves. Winning! You’ll still rock the classic chic vibe. For the guys there are plenty of cotton and linen mix lightweight blazers that can be dressed up with any smart polo shirt for the office.

And for the gents, we’re sorry to say in corporate world there’s no way of escaping that ever constricting two-piece suit. It’s best to ditch the under singlet and crank the office AC up to ice cold gusts. Just pray it becomes acceptable to wear shorts in the confines of the office someday soon.

Image source: The Chriselle Factor, J-Crew, The Student Sartorialist, ASOS.

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