How To Find Out If Your Relationship Is Exclusive

Ah, the dreaded limbo between dating and an exclusive relationship. A tightrope we’ve all walked along. Love is wild enough as it is without throwing in variables like social media, dating-apps and adult humans with raging libidos.

Once again, I’m here to the rescue with some advice to get you from dating that someone special into the relationship you’ve been wanting. Here’s how to find out if things are exclusive or heading that way soon in your relationship.

You’ve Met Their Family

Once you’ve met their family, you’re pretty much in it to win it.

I know personally that I would never introduce someone I’m dating to my family unless I was absolutely serious about them as a partner. Take it as a massive sign that things are heading in the right direction if you’ve had the privilege of meeting their fam, and don’t forget to make a good first impression.

It’s a pretty solid sign they’re into being exclusive if you get this far because there’s no way they’d be inviting multiple people to meet their parents (unless they’re a slime-ball, but why would you be dating a slime-ball to begin with?).

They Introduce You As Their Girlfriend/Boyfriend

If they refer to you as their girlfriend/boyfriend in front of other people, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve made the cut to be their exclusive significant other.

Unless they’re polyamorous (definitely worth asking about if you have any doubts), this is a massive indicator that they see you as more than just someone they’re dating and that your relationship is official, congrats!

They Don’t Want To Date Anyone Else

If they or their friends have mentioned to you that the person you’re dating has no interest in dating anyone else, chances are you’re on your way to an exclusive relationship, if not, already in one without realising it.

Pretty self-explanatory, but probably the most obvious sign that they’re into you and only you.

You Do Couple Things Together

Of course when you’re dating you’re going to be doing couple things together, but I’m talking stuff that extends past normal date duties.

If they’re your date to family events, go out of their way to get to know your family and friends and come to you first whenever they need advice. It could definitely be a sign that they consider you more as a partner, rather than one of many dates.

Ultimately, if you’re still not sure where you stand with someone just ask them upfront! By taking the initiative to step outside your comfort zone you might find that this is just the push you needed to make things official.

Worst case scenario they don’t want to make things exclusive, that’s still a win for you because at least you’ll know not to waste anymore of your time on them.

Put yourself out there, be confident and you’ll end up with exactly the right person for you eventually.

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