How To Find Your Tribe In 2k19 And Be Passionate About What You Do (Feat. Genesis Owusu)

Aussie rapper Genesis Owusu talks finding support, success and the value of discomfort.

2k19 can be a really bloody frantic place. We’re all working our arses off to get where we wanna be, yet many of us forget why we’re running this seemingly never-ending rat race in the first place. What gets us up in the morning? Where are we rushing to?

These are all basic questions many of us forget to ask ourselves.

Following his insane performance of ‘Sideways’ at TEDxSydney, we sat down with the hectically creative and insanely genuine Genesis Owusu to talk all things support, success and sliding out of the comfort zone.

Oh, and we also spoke about how he’s absolutely killing it right now. If Genesis Owusu isn’t on your radar, he most definitely should be.

#1 Support Lies In Hard To Find Places

5Why: The Aussie music scene seems to have a real sense of community about it. Have you felt that, or have you gained any friends or fans within the community?

Genesis Owusu: Definitely. I feel like especially Australian hip hop is going through a bit of a renaissance. Since it’s so young and new, when we didn’t get the support from the outside, we had to support each other. We had to find solace and friendship in each other. It is a very big community.

#2 Get A Little Uncomfy

Owusu: I don’t like to be comfortable when I’m making stuff. I feel like the best thing to do as an artist is to always challenge yourself. When I feel myself getting comfortable I’ll move, take myself out of there.

#3 Define Your Own Success

Owusu: Know what you want. Before you get into it, define success for yourself. Everyone has a different perception of success so if you keep going by other peoples’ descriptions of success, you’re going to be lost. Know what you want.

The thing I want the most is to do it so well and so much that I don’t have to do it. I started making music as a therapeutic kind of way of expression and it’s now turning into a career – my dream career. That’s success to me, when I can do something completely on my own terms.

Catch Genesis Owusu on Spotify here.

Source: Genesis Owusu, Facebook. 

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