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How To Go And Get Your Dream Job Overseas, Because You Damn Deserve It

Perhaps your daily commute just isn’t far enough or you have a dream to make it big on the world stage. And by all means, dream big, friends.

Australia sure is dandy for quality of life, the sun, the sea and the sand but it’s not for everyone. So whether you’re thinking of a couple of years abroad or a lifetime, the first step is getting a job. Bar work be damned, it’s onto the career path for you.

Foreign websites, language barriers and currencies galore, we’ve nailed down the best practice to making that overseas dream a reality. Go on, get hustling.

Search Local Job Sites

Seek may be your port of call here but navigating foreign job boards can be tough. It’s best to look where the locals look, so once you’ve picked a destination let the internet trawling begin. If you’re interested in the UK perhaps expand your search to Ireland and Scotland too, if you have French language skills then why not Luxembourg or Switzerland? You may find something outside your comfort zone that is right on the money for job prospects and career growth. Here’s some of the sites to hit by locale:





Recruitment Agencies



Career Contessa 

Simply Hired

Career Bliss 


Jobs in Japan

Gajin Pot


Hong Kong Recruit 

Job Street Malaysia

All Over

Tech Me Abroad


Jobs Abroad Bulletin 

Expand Your Network

Nowadays the line that it’s not what you know it’s who you know, rings truer than ever. Thanks to LinkedIn, all your contacts are online worn like badges of honour. Glowing reviews or little interaction, there’s no faking this reference check. To put yourself in front of a candidate who lives locally, you may just have to grow that network across borders. LinkedIn everyone you’ve ever met, reach out to tastemakers and track down a mentor abroad. You’ll be surprised just how many people are willing to help. Contact your university tutor or that internship supervisor and ask questions. Your dad’s exchange friend, whoever it is reach out ASAP.

Another solid way to meet people on the ground in your desired hotspot is expat groups. These thriving little communities can’t wait to welcome members and regularly hold social engagements. Not only is this great for you once you’re there, all alone in the world no more, it’s superb for networking. Work up a glowing post and introduce yourself, your skills and your excellent attitude. I guarantee a recruiter or two at the very least will ask for your resume. Opening doors through social media, one post at a time. Aussies in London is a superb little hub for UK newbies.

Identify Ideal Employers And Follow Them

If your dream company is housed overseas, reaching out to them is an excellent way to get a job. By showing your passion and commitment to one employer, they’ll likely find you an incredibly lucrative investment in long term employment. Cha-ching.

Thanks to LinkedIn’s impeccable stalking networks, track down the career path of execs at your chosen company too. Or someone in a similar role to what you’re hoping for. Identify their skills and experience and you’ll get a little taster for what they look for. That’s not to say copy them, they already have that employee and they certainly don’t need a carbon copy. Instead identify your points of difference and cultural aspects of the workplace. Less The Office, more you.

One search could reveal a shared university connection or a summer abroad in a similar spot, all useful things to mention in your application. Attention to detail certainly pays off.

Ready Yourself For Skype Interviews

Have a quiet, tidy and well lit place ready to go for Skype interviews at a moments notice. Without the budget to fly over every well meaning candidate, how you come off in this little tester will make or break.

Be yourself, be comfortable and be confident. Make sure your internet connection is solid and your computer running smoothly. Nothing worse than blaming a bad answer on a poor connection.

Dress like you would for a real interview, i.e. like you’re leaving the house. And make sure to notify all other inhabitants that you may be online for the interview at all hours. Being interrupted by a livid housemate at 3am is not a good look.

Expand Your Skills

Even if you’re not moving over tomorrow, look at existing jobs for criteria that you may need. Here an entry level position may expect familiarity with one program but abroad it could be another entirely. Simple checks like this will help put you on equal footing as your native competitors.

If cash permits think about taking up a short term course upon your arrival. Not only does this show commitment to the prospective companies, it will help familiarise you with the new market. An SEO brush up course, a British standard of grammar or even an online graphic design cert. Up skill yourself as much as possible.

Language skills falls into the tip above to but a little multi-lingual ability never hurt. Sure it will be a lot easier to learn the language once your immersed in the culture, but you often won’t get past the resume stage without a little extra fluency. Download the app, change your phone language to foreign or dive into a term long course. The money alone, plus the added incentive of the experience ahead will spur you on.

Be Ready To Go At A Moments Notice

This one’s a little terrifying but once you start applying you should be ready to go. Most companies look to hire when they need someone not in an anticipatory fashion. Have all but your belongings packed and all your affairs in order so you can head right away. Sign the contract and leave. Lay-bying flights or paying a little extra for change of mind privileges is a given.

Investigate The Visa Process Early

Depending on the restrictions on foreign workers, it’s often much harder to look abroad.

Streamline this process by getting all the information early on, so it’s no hassle at all for your new employer. Visa applications, police checks, references and evidence of cash should be compiled well in at advance. This makes you that much more attractive for potential sponsorship and you appear organised and composed. Less stress for you too, any hiccups can be dealt with without compromising that dream job.

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