How To Handle Dreaded Family Gatherings Like A Pro

With Christmas and Summer closing in fast, it’s a no brainer that your parents are going to be sending you a million and one invites to family gatherings and events. Let alone the ones you have to attend for your other half’s family. And that’s probably even worse…

Use these tips to help you power through the dreaded questions about your life, as well as some crap food and awkward af conversations.

Prepare Yourself

You know it’s a given that you’ll get grilled about almost every aspect of your life at a family gatho. There’s no escaping this one, I’m afraid. The best thing to do is to prepare yourself so that you can give your great-aunt or second cousin an answer that’ll cut the conversation short. Make sure you’ve got reasoning behind your answer too. If asked why you’re still ‘just working in that bar’, give them an elaborate career plan to shut them up fast.


Need I say more? Position yourself riiiight next to the bottle of wine so you can keep that glass topped up. A helpful hand from a few bevs in the form of getting tipsy confidence will allow you to sail through those monotonous conversations you’re bound to have to repeat countless times.

Exit Strategy

Get yourself sorted ahead of time and work out how you’re going to excuse yourself from the situation. Work emergency? Or just a shift in general? If you make it known that you need to leave and you have a solid excuse, ain’t nobody going to argue with that.

Man’s Best Friend

If in doubt, find the dog.. or cat, if you’re into that.

Maybe.. Just Maybe, Try To Enjoy It?

I know it’s tough, but family is family and you’re stuff with them. Try and do the best with what you’ve got and enjoy yourself. There’s potential that you might just have a few more things in common with your cousins than you thought.

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