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Festivals 101: How To Have A Fab Time And Not Regret It

Festivals can be amongst the most enjoyable times of your liiiiiiife. There’s something so pure about grabbing a couple of your mates, trekking it out to a field and swaying in time to thousands of people who enjoy the music just as much as you do. There’s tangible magic in the air when the sun is setting just right and your song comes on. Ah. Of course, they can also be pretty overwhelming. The clashing lineup, the ‘meeting spot’ that everyone promptly forgets, and wondering what on earth to bring. A prepared festi-goer is always the happiest, so we have teamed up with Headspace to bring you a how to guide on making the most out of your next festival.

#1 Pace Yourself

This is a lesson we’ve all had to learn the hard way at some point or another. A classic rookie mistake is to go all out on the first night, only to burn out and spend the rest of the time in a camping chair miserably guzzling a Gatorade. It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of what is essentially a multi-day party, but slooooow down. Make sure to pace yourself and make the most of each night.

#2 Designate a Mate

Every single crew has one: a festival parent. They’re the ones you can count on for that much-needed bottle of water, or a bandaid at a critical time. If you don’t know who your festival parent is, it’s probably you. Regardless, it is key to have someone that will stick by you through the whole festival. They’ll make sure you don’t wander away and get hopelessly lost, and also to hold your hand in times that are a bit more overwhelming. It’s extra helpful if they’re on the same level as you, just so, in times of stress, you don’t feel so isolated.

#3 Stay Nourished

Again, something that people have to learn the hard way. Just as important as it is to take a few photos, or dance ’till your heart’s content, is to take care of your body. Water is your best friend on any average day, but a must on festival days. Make sure to always stay hydrated while you’re boogying it up. It’s also important to keep fuel in the tank and eat. A bite of an apple for breakfast before sprinting off to catch a set doesn’t count. Nourishment will help you take in as much of the festival experience as possible.

#4 Sharing is Caring

Being generous doesn’t have to come in forms of tangible goods, though it always does well to bring snacks and goodies for the group to pass around. The notion of sharing stretches a lot further than that: it’s contributing to this little pop-up community that you’re an active member in for a few days. Look out for those in your crew, and strangers, too! Spread some love, and it’s almost a given that you’ll make some life-long friends as you do.

#5 Lose Yourself

At the end of the day, you’re there to have a special, amazing experience. Easier said than done, but a surefire way of making the most of it is to throw all your damn inhibitions to the wind. Absorb everything that there is to take in! Check out some artists that you wouldn’t normally listen to, wander around, and don’t stress too much about sticking to a premade plan. Thinking that you ‘should’ be doing x or ‘shouldn’t’ be doing y will do nothing but take you out of the present. Embrace change, and have fun!

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