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How To Live Like An F1 Baller On A Budget

Fast cars and even faster lifestyles, the Formula One circuit rolling into Melbourne this weekend will see a bevy of events lighting up Albert Park and beyond. Thankfully you don’t have to be behind the wheel to enjoy the frivolity, instead you can lap up the action and celebrate the wins from a safe distance. Just come along for the ride, you won’t be able to escape the roar of cars this weekend so if why not join them instead. But as a city that lives for sport, you won’t mind the noise and you certainly don’t have to be on a baller’s salary to enjoy.

Rudimental and Hayden James @ Heineken Saturday

If you’re eager to soak up the racing atmosphere but prefer a more dulcet soundtrack, Saturday’s lineup will have you sorted on both fronts. UK heroes Rudimental will be taking to the stage with a warm up from Aussie dance master Hayden James. Day drinks just got upscaled, ditch your backyard session for a trackside event with epic mood music.

Start Your Engines With Uber X Porsche

Thanks to the car fanatic bandwagon in town, we’re looking at you F1 lovers, Uber X has upgraded their usual fleet. You can be chauffeured by a porsche to and from the event if you see so fit, and really isn’t that how a world famous steerer would travel. A ride that is sure to impress at the price of a usual Uber X trip. Vroom Vroom.

Enjoy A Little Pre Race Japanese

What’s the diet of champions? Japanese it seems. Fernando Alonso says

Every time I arrive in Japan there is always some kind of magic and something that surprises you that we just don’t have in the west.” And fellow Chandon driver Stoffel agrees

I love Japanese food, especially sushi and Yakiniku (barbecued meat) – I’ve spent a lot of time in Japan after racing out there last season, so I’ve tried loads and I like it all… in Japan and the culture out there is amazing”

And if that’s not a reason to hit up Japanese this weekend, for a chopstick morsel or two,  we don’t know what is. All aboard the sushi train.

Party With Other Drivers

There ain’t no party like the after party and if you can’t get a vantage point in the pit or in the corporate box, this is the next best thing. After a mammoth day of boozing and driving, of course not together, the international set will be traipsing to the Crown to party on at Club 23. Prepare to be starstruck.

Dance Til Dawn With Daft Punk

Unfortunately the real helmeted men won’t be in attendance, but this Grand Prix afterparty is sure to have you revved up for hours after the race. Take to the immaculate Emmerson Rooftop for a boogey beside drivers, celebs and other revellers alike. With a tribute to Daft Punk pumping through the speakers, you’ll be on a full journey of discovery with each track. Helmet hair not compulsory, but you’re bound to see some.

Splurge On Sportswear

Melbourne sure isn’t Monaco but that doesn’t mean the savvy travellers don’t love a little sport luxe trackside and beyond. We’re not all black garb all the time you know. Take a style tip or two from the men behind the wheel, Alonso says

I prefer comfort over fashion. I like to wear something comfortable so I would say sport clothing is probably my favourite piece that I wear all the time. Sport shoes as well; I have quite a few! I like to try different styles and technologies that are coming out in the market.” You might see your boy at Culture Kings on Chapel this week who knows. 

Pop A Bottle (Or Three)

The Grand Prix is one big excuse for a party. Even if you’re not versed in the sport itself, you’re likely to sit, stand or perch yourself with a glass of bubbly and cheers to the wins of the day. Lap after lap, drink after drink, find something to celebrate and soak up the atmosphere while it lasts, in all it’s fervour. Take it from the driver himself, Stoffel says

“I enjoy the (Chandon) brut most.” You can bet it’ll be flowing trackside if the boys bring home the trophy. 

Image source: Around You, Sky Sports, Australian Grand Prix.

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