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How To Look More Professional Than You Actually Are

Looking profesh can give you some super power-playing vibes. Whether it be a job interview, you told a white lie to your date about your career, or you just want to feel professional af, we’ve got your back.

#1 Wear A Watch (That Works)

Even if you don’t have your shit together, at least it looks like you do. Sure, you’ve got your phone to check the time, but a watch is a great statement piece. It’ll also be a sign that you’re more likely to be punctual (given that you don’t get caught up on that Netflix binge). In terms of picking the right statement piece, find a good middle ground between “dickhead with a flashy watch” and “broke as”.

#2 Make Sure Your Clothes Are Well Maintained (AKA Fresh As Fk)

Hot tip. That loose thread hanging from your pants isn’t a good look, and neither is that sauce stain from last night’s cheeky kebab. We’re not saying you need to wear a suit, but keep your clothes looking clean and fresh. On that note, keep your fresh kicks, fresh! Keep your whites white, and everything else free from scuffs and marks.

#3 Get A God Damn Haircut, You Mop

Get a fresh cut and keep that hair clean, if you’ve got oily hair you’re going to look dishevelled. Good maintenance and hygiene are more signs you’ve got your shit together. Chances are your hands will be on show, whether that be signing a document or if you talk with your hands. Good hygiene and maintenance with your hands is also important.  A shabby manicure with chipped polish is not a good look (says me as I’m typing this with chewed nails), treat yo’self to a mani. Gents, get those clippers out (and get a mani too, if that’s your style. No shame).

#4 Modesty Is The Best Policy

When dressing for a professional environment, a nip slip probs won’t leave your interviewer impressed (unless they’re a perv, in that case, leave the building ASAP). I’m not saying you need to wear a nun’s outfit, but dress somewhat modestly. There’s a likelihood that you’re going to a corporate environment, not picking up at a night club. Gents, we don’t want to see your hairy legs, please put some pants on (and keep the ripped ones for the weekend).

#5 As Fresh As The Prince Of Bel-Air

Whip out that special occasion cologne/perfume for a fresh smell and a good first impression. Not only will you smell good, but you’ll also be more confident knowing that you aren’t leaving a lingering stench of nasty B.O.

In saying all this, while you can dress professional AF and look the part, you also have to act the part. A few last tips – have a firm handshake for business duties, always carry a pen with you (whether that be so you can sign a document or write down a phone number), and lastly, it never killed anyone to be polite and respectful. So, go forth and fake it ‘til you make it in the professional world.

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