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How To Meet New Potential Partners When You Don’t Go Out Anymore

Can they just turn up on my door step?

If you’re anything like me, your life seems all work and no play, your social agenda resembles that of a hermit crab. You kissed your social life goodbye to balance full time study and two part-time jobs (or an internship). Or, you could just not be into the whole “going out” thing (honestly, neither. I’m always happy to stay home and binge watch with a face mask).

Don’t get me wrong, when I was freshly legal you’d find me in night clubs meeting people left right and centre, but sticky floors and spilt drinks just aren’t my vibe anymore.

It might seem that you have no social life and are struggling to meet new people, worried you’ll be alone forever, or worse, die from social isolation. Don’t worry, I’ve been there. So we’ve come up with some tips for how to meet potential partners when you don’t go out anymore.


We live in an age where people are meeting online and swiping right and left rather than actually meeting face-to-face. Sure, this might be great if you want a casual hook-up, but this probably isn’t best if you’re looking for a potential life-long partner, you know the one that shares your love for crunchy peanut butter over smooth. Save Tinder and Bumble for those cheeky hook-ups and look elsewhere for that life-long love, thank me later.

Don’t Talk To Strangers…Or Do

Scary, I know. But once you get to know someone, you’ll be happy you swallowed your pride and talked to a stranger. Take your daily caffeine fix for example, don’t be afraid to talk to a stranger, you never know where it could lead, and can be as simple as asking how their day is.

Join A Gym

Look, if we’re speaking from experience here, I haven’t had any luck and I’ve been religiously visiting the gym for two years now. BUT that’s not to say you can’t learn from me. Take note, maybe don’t wear obnoxious headphones and have some gut to say, “Hi” to someone – especially if they’re cute. (Ahh, the number of times I’ve missed a good opportunity because I’m too shy..)

NEVER Skip Work Drinks

Sure, your co-workers might be a strong six at most, but chances are they’ll have some cute friends outside the office; even better if they’re coming to the local pub post-work drinks. Don’t be afraid to tag along to the excursion to the local pub for drinks, and maybe even get flirty with said eye candy – it doesn’t hurt to try.

Catch The Train To Work

Not only will your back pocket and the environment love you for it, but your social life might just love you for it too. Take the train to be surrounded by people (sometimes packed like sardines), as gross as that sounds. Truth is, you’re more likely to meet someone here rather than jamming it out solo in the car. So chuck the earphones in and get your commute on.

Follow Through With That Facey Response

As tempting as it may be to RSVP to everything and click “going”, only to stay in for a binge and face mask (guilty as charged), actually going to these events will prove a perfect excuse to get out and meet some new people. Even though you might not go out often (or as often as you once did), going out once a month might make for some cheeky socialising and drinks.

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