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How Not To Be THAT Person At The Hostel

Yes, living temporarily in a hostel is nothing like The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, but you meet some pretty great people, learn some life lessons and (sometimes) gain some life skills. But you’re bound to run into some definite characters. There is always going to be that one person in a shared space, and if you can’t identify them, it’s definitely you. This one person in particular will definitely not be the favourite of the dorm, nor the shared bathroom – should there only be one in the whole place (unlucky).

#1 If You Land Yourself Lucky

First and foremost, let’s set some ground rules. We don’t need (or want) to know about it. Keep it quiet in the sheets, and on the bottom bunk. Although, the unlucky guy above you doesn’t want to wake up to an earthquake, nor does anyone else in the room want to wake up to someone being straddled. In case you didn’t know: that sheet draped over the side is not soundproof nor is it a concrete wall. Keep it spooning and keep it subtle.

#2 For The Love Of God

drunk GIF

It’s 5am and you’ve just gotten home from a night out, please, for the love of god, tread carefully and do NOT turn the lights on. Use a torch if you’re really that blind (in more ways than one). There is honestly nothing more infuriating than being rudely awoken by some drunk idiot stumbling into the room and laughing to their mate.

#3 Zzz

On the notion of restless sleeping and being RUDELY interrupted, PLEASE attend to your 7am alarm, don’t press snooze 12 times. Acceptable when you live by yourself, but come on now, this is a shared space. Hot tip: if you’re leaving super early, pack your bag the day before to avoid obnoxious zippers and rustling which will leave you with some angry room mates.

#4 As Much As You Love A Hot Shower

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There are plenty of other guests who love a hot shower as much as you do. Yes, it might be tempting to lather up in soap and sing at the top of your lungs, but a friendly reminder, you are in a shared space, a SHARED space, people. Sharing is caring, and I’m referring to the hot water here, not your vocal range.

#5 This Is Not Your Damn Walk In Wardrobe

You are not Kim K, we do not want to see your belongings, particularly not your dirty undies. You know that funny looking box with zippers that you brought your belongings in? It has a purpose! Yes, believe it or not! Keep your personal belongings within your personal space. Dirty underwear sprawled across the room is not abstract installation art. Belonging IN the bag, people.

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