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How To React When Life Gives You Lemons

When life gets sour, there’s plenty of ways to sweeten it up again.

Life can be pretty breezy a lot of the time, but sometimes it hands you a big pile of shit and expects you to know what to do with it. It can be gruelling to handle the obstacles life throws at you and sometimes you need a little bit of guidance to figure out how to cope.

We know it can get pretty tough, so we’ve teamed up headspace, as part of our I Can’t Even Deal RN series, to bring you some calming advice and tips. On we go.

Deep Breaths And Stress Release


The first and most important step in handling the lemons life gives you is learning to pause for a moment, breathe and get your thinking brain back online. When your emotions reach boiling point, it gets harder to think clearly. Deep breathing is an important first step that gives you back the mental capacity to think through your options and work out how to respond.

Once your brain’s back on track, you can move forward more effectively. You can start talking with friends, problem-solving on your own or actively de-stressing yourself. Think getting outdoors, doing something active (rock climbing is incredible for this), sleeping, meditating or just getting off social media. It’s not about controlling how you feel – sometimes all you need is three long, deep breaths to gather your thoughts and return to something resembling calm.

Get Yourself Organised

Getting yourself in order with some solid organisation can make a world of difference to how you handle the stresses of life. Whether your idea of organisation means filing all your papers or waking yourself up a little earlier than usual, any means of getting structure in can be a huge help to handling the lemons. Getting organised can be a helpful way to react to the challenges of life and will benefit immensely in the future. Little wins are good wins.

Take Time To Yourself


Putting aside time for yourself might be the most important step when you’ve been handed some unexpected issues. Focus on getting in a bit of self care here and there in order to relax and renew. From spending an hour a day at the beach to getting a massage once or twice a week, giving yourself some alone time can help to get yourself back on track.

It’s so easy to get stuck into work and tasks that can drain our mental energy when we’re stressed — mainly because we feel it’s a good distraction. But just taking some time to switch off and put your mind at ease can do wonders.

It’s Okay To Ask For Help

A lot of people are too afraid to ask for when it comes to managing obstacles and challenges. There is absolutely no shame in needing an extra hand or a little bit of assistance. Co-workers, friends or family are all great people to lean on when it comes to getting some advice. Sometimes in life it’s too much to handle all of the problems we’re given, so when we can ask for help, why wouldn’t we? There’s no need for fear if you need a bit of lemon-aid.

Remember, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Sometimes, you might just need a little bit of advice to help out along the way. Check out these fab reads from headspace on getting a bit of clarity – it’ll help with all the lemons life undoubtedly will throw at ‘ya. A healthy mind always comes first.

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