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How To Recreate The Night Noodle Markets At Home When You’re Lazy AF

Because I seriously cbf to leave the house.

The Night Noodle Markets returned recently this year in style with some of Sydney’s best Asian dishes on offer in the bustling street food festival. And they’ve been popping up all over the country in recent weeks, too. It was a food lovers slice of heaven, but it was only the one week this year (wtf) and we don’t love that.

It’s rumoured that the one-week run time was because the Sydney City Council realised some damage to Hyde Park in the past few years. Don’t quote me on that, but if true, A+ for preservation of one of the only CBD parks in Sydney City.

Alas, I can imagine a lot of you missed out on getting down for the best damn noodles or bao’s you’ve ever tasted. Luckily for you lovelies, we swung down to the Jacob’s Creek Wine Tipi at the fest, and we chose some of our fave foods and wines from the event that you can literally recreate at home.


Okay, so it doesn’t have to obviously this hectic of a scale with tents and all. But firstly, make sure to decorate your home in food festival style with colourful bunting and brightly patterned re-usable napkins, adding to the colourful flavour feast. Or like, at least set up the table for some low-key boujee vibes. Turn up the tunes, starting with a glass of Le Petit Sparkling Rose for the real taste of a summer dinner party.

Must Have Nibbles

Now for the food, yasss. So the thing is, you can actually order some of the delicious market fare (in Sydney at least) straight to your house (without the exuberant festival prices). My faves include Mr Bao’s Cheese Burger Spring Rolls and Johnny Bird’s famous Fired Chicken Tenders. Try a BBQ pork bao bun with cabernet sav or something similar, so delish with the those sweeter spices.

Group Feed

If you’re having a dinner party with more than a few, order ahead with Fusion Flavour Bombs’ Paella Balinese. It’s an indulgent Indonesian vibe with turmeric, galangal chicken and seafood, brown rice, topped with a drizzle of satay sauce and crunchy noodles. Pair it up with Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel Chardonnay, which has a bunch of crisp notes for ya seafood vibe.


To finish it off, pre-order Donut Papi’s epic doughnuts or Messina Gelato’s special of the weekHonestly it’s comfort food at it’s finest, and if I was you I’d even pair up the doughies with the Messie for an indulgent lil treat. You deserve it.

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