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How To Save Money While Still Going Out

The dreaded spreadsheet, laying all your monetary sins bare. That treat yo’ self lunch last week, that round of bevs that earned you legend status at the local or those festival sideshow tickets, reduced to expenses. But oh the memories. Budgeting ain’t easy and it sure isn’t fun, I think even chartered accountants would agree. Unfortunately it’s the reality of being (somewhat) adult. Make money to save money.

Whether it’s a trip overseas or just putting a penny or two into savings, there’s no better way  to watch your funds. As horrifying as an experience as it may be for some, think of the benefits.  Here’s our budget tips to save money while still hitting the town.

Start A Side Hustle

Now hold up, I know you’re what you’re thinking. Make more money, groundbreaking. But hear me out, a little extra income is the simplest way to maintain your lifestyle, with only marginal extra effort. Sell your old threads online, freelance a little on the side or charge your mates to freshen up their Tinder profiles. If you do it right, a couple of extra hours work a week could set you up to be flushed come Friday night.

Gamify Your Budgeting

Budgets are boring, there’s no two ways about it. But with a little psychology you can spice up that numbers game with a reward or two to keep you on track. Look at how Fitbit inspired us to step a few thousand more steps a day, getting even the laziest of friends up and walking around their couch on loop. Incentivise yourself for hitting goals and curbing your spending as planned. Presents from yourself are always welcome. This way you’ll be less inclined to splash out on un-accounted for expenses.

Think Big

Buying that can of coke as a mixer for pres has to stop. Don’t waste your hard earned cash on marked up items, bring a 2.5L and pour some for everyone. When you’re in the supermarket look to the per gram or millilitre price, nearly always it’s that family size mammoth package. Buying in bulk will save you cash in the long run, which means more money for afterwork drinks.

Save Money On Gigs

No you won’t have to hit up lack lustre bar singers or pub crooners to get your music fix. Gigs are what break up the weekly monotony, exposing you to new talent and bringing the crew together for a collective boogie. Instead of cutting back and having an intense wave of FOMO overcome you as any snapchat rolls in, grab a membership to GiggedIn.

The subscription service is like ‘the Spotify of live music’, for a monthly fee you can attend unlimited partner gigs and festivals. The lineup of gigs is a buffet of talent, with the likes of Tkay Maidza, Yahtzel, The Rubens, Mountain Sounds Festival and The Plot all on the menu in the past. You’ll be spoiled for choice and not have to pay big $$.

Eat With The Seasons

Living within your means is all well and good, until your means equals a menu of tuna for lunches and mi goreng dinners. Not so gourmet. Get a little more out of your meals by shopping what’s in season, the food will be fresher and tastier too. That’s one of the reasons your homemade smashed avo allocation fluctuates, when those two for $5 deals roll in, it’s in season. Jamie Oliver would be proud.

Map The Happy Hours And Cheap Eats

There’s absolutely no shame in getting the best deal. If you’re the kind of person who likes to keep their weekly roster full to the brim, happy hours are your ticket to budget harmony. No lonely nights in, thinking of what fun your friends may be having, instead you’ll be rewarded for your financial savviness.

The Happiest Hour is an app that does the research for you, collating all those cheap drinks in one spot. For cheap eats head to cultural hubs, where you’ll get a more authentic taste for a much more reasonable price. Reigning in your hangover feast spending made easy, there’s nothing pho can’t fix.

Be Loyal

So you like to shop, no big deal. If you’re going to purchase, you may as well earn while you’re at it. Short of getting a credit card and racking up points that way, loyalty cards are your ticket to savings. From grocery shopping, fashion to toiletries, loyalty cards are almost certainly free and give back in a big way. From vouchers, specials or pre sale alerts, you’ll be shopping smarter in no time. You smart, you loyal.

Are you a die hard gig-goer? Don’t compromise your schedule in the name of saving, GiggedIn has you sorted. For less than a couple of cocktails per month, you can get hit up as many gigs as you want in Sydney and Melbourne! Just head on over to GiggedIn to sign up. And thank us later, friends.

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