How To Get Out Of ‘Single For The Holidays’ Blues

Being a single pringle actually rules.

With Christmas drawing ever closer, it can be hard to get out of a potential romance related slump. Being single for the holidays is always a rough one. Everyone you know is posting seasonal couples snaps, forcing their disgusting happiness in your face. It’s almost impossible to escape the fact that being single for the holidays kind of sucks. 

But don’t you worry your pretty little head about it, because I’m here to give you some hot tips on how to shake off the blues. After all, the #singlelyf is not all bad, and if you play it right, it can be even better during the holidays. All you need is the right attitude and mindset.

Savin’ Them Dollaz

Think of all the money you’ll save with one less person on your Christmas gift giving list. Go ahead and spend that money on yourself! The world is your self gift giving oyster. You could even invest in a body pillow so you have something warm to cuddle through those long, lonely nights. 

A World Of Possibilities

Hitting the town during the holidays as a single guy or gal can open up a whole other world of experiences. Why not hit up a pub or club that’s holding a Christmas party? There’s bound to be other singles ready to mingle. Go and get your cuff on. Or just hang out under the mistletoe and grab anyone who happens to wander by. 

You Don’t Have To Hide Your Chrissy Spirit

Ever been seeing someone during the holidays who’s totally bah humbug to your jingle bells? Well, this year you can be as achingly festive as you damn well please. Hang that tinsel wherever you want! Wear that ugly Christmas t-shirt with pride! You don’t have to impress anyone. No one is sleeping with you anyway. 

The Biggest Party Of The Year Is All Yours

Who wouldn’t want to be single for New Years? You can do whatever the hell you want, and need to answer to nobody but your damn self. Wanna hit up the hottest party in your city and kiss some random at midnight? Go right ahead. Wanna stay in and watch the fireworks curled up on the lounge with some takeaway and a glass of wine? No one’s gonna stop you. The night is yours. Do with it what you will. 

Taking Time For Yourself

Over the holidays, with no one else demanding your immediate attention, you can just do you. Now is the perfect time to really work out what you want in life. It’s almost the New Year, and the season for resolutions. Set some goals and go forth ready to kick them. And if your goal is to find someone worthy of your time, then what better place to start than single on January 1st 2019? 

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