How To (Smoothly) Slide Into The DM’s

Ah, the whimsical world of tagging in memes and angry reacts. It’s a whole new love language with unspoken rules. Mastering the art of sliding into the DM’s can be difficult these days, with a lot of rejection and uncertainty in the air.

So, we’ve come up with some hot tips to help you smoothly slide into the DM’s and lock in a sneaky date (or a casual hook-up, you do you.)

Let’s dive in, shall we?

Stay In Your Lane

Let’s be real. Kim K probs isn’t going to be checking her DM’s if old mate Jack from Townsville with 200 followers sends her a cheeky message (unless of course you’ve got status, props). So shoot within your range, if they’re an influencer or model with a tonne of followers, keep that eagerness in check (although, I admire your ambition). Keep your eye on the prize, and be realistic when you Slytherin to the Insta inbox (I’ll see myself out kbye).

Keep The ‘Gram Open And Interesting

Leave your profile on public and expect a good stalking from said DM recipient. If you haven’t posted something in a hot minute, consider posting some fresh content so they’ve got something to eye over and show their friends (hot tip: you can never go wrong with a cute selfie – extra points for featuring dogs). On that note, if you do get carried away stalking your new flame, and accidentally like something from two months ago, own it and use it as an ice-breaker (am I speaking from experience? Maybe.).

Keep It Classy, Pals

Sure, you might want to get down to business ASAP, but an unsolicited nude could land you in trouble. Big trouble. This can be technically considered a form of sexual harassment, so before you start whipping out ‘ya eggplants, consider using your words first. Besides, a meaningful conversation will get you further than a sneaky nude ever will. If you need something to strike conversation about, check their feed for any hints about their interests or general life happenings and use this as a point to get chatting.

Ladies, treat ’em mean, keep ’em keen.
Gents, we don’t want your unsolicited dick pics, no matter how much you might think so.

Keen As A Bean? Keep It Cool

Unless you want to come across as a creep, keep your cool. As millennials, we are known for our commitment-phobia, a very serious thing. Coming across too keen too quickly could scare off your new flirt. Don’t go asking for a date ASAP, but get to know them first. Sure, it might take some long game to score your first date, but anticipation is key, and will allow you to build some good conversation for when you do go on your date.

You also want to be sure they’re as invested as you are – if you’re having to send three messages before receiving one reply, you could be barking up the wrong tree.

Get It Moving

Face-to-face communication can be confronting in this day and age – they might not look like their profile pic, and they could be a total freak. But you’re going to have to meet them eventually. Bite the bullet and suggest a low-key meet up. If you’ve got mutual friends, even better – this makes it much less confronting and they can also be wing(wo)men. If you don’t have mutual friends, and plan a date, keep it casual and check out our date ideas  (you’re welcome).

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