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How To Spend Less Than $50 On A Date That’ll Impress

Long term lovers or first time encounters, date night is key to keeping sparks alight. Don’t let your financial sitch hold you back from meeting your lady love or delightful gent; with a little forward planning even the most strapped budget can be out on the town enjoying another’s company. Savvy romancers, this one’s for you, here’s how to wow your date for less than $50. Seriously.

Go To A Gig

Fancy a not so intimidating setting for your love match? Why not head to a gig! The dim lights, great tunes and bustle of crowd make for intimacy and security in just the right measure. For the loved up long timers or the players looking to ferry around a different plus one each event,  GiggedIn is your financial saviour. From moonlit cinemas to comedy shows and every gig worth catching in between, you’ll be impressing ladies (or fellas) left right and centre stage.

Paint Them Like One Of Your French Girls

What’s love if not art? Ok all droopy romance lines aside, a little paint and a little canvas can make for a wonderful fuss free date. Head to your local Riot store or the two dollar shop for the really restricted budget and grab your supplies. A peruse through Pinterest will have you inspired by DIY designs. Plus you’ll have the finished product to hold dear long after. We can’t all be Archibald prize winning artists, so steer clear of painting each other unless you want to offend.

What’s Cooking? 

Everyone loves food and cooking a meal is a particularly romantic way to show them that you care. It doesn’t have to be a seven course offering to impress, aim for delicious, simple ingredients prepared well. Cook together from scratch and drag out the process, you may be covered by sauce in the end but it lets you get past any awkward small talk. And of course you get to enjoy the meal together after. Cue adorable lady and the tramp spaghetti moment.

Test Your Knowledge

Men of days gone by would show off their physical strength at the carnival fair, but the modern man flexes his thought power. Or lady’s brain prowess too. What better venue to get to know each than at your local trivia night? Grab a pint, a team and you’ve got the perfect casual date setting. You’ll get to know their passions, even the weird Doctor Who obsession, as you work together for that discounted pub meal or cash prize. Just don’t get to bent up about any incorrect answers, that’s a sure way for the other to lose your number. On purpose no less.

Pickup Your Ball And Bat

Batter up! If you’re in pursuit of the home run you’ve got to do the hard yards first. Ok that’s enough of the baseball metaphors for one day. But we’re not kidding, a sporty date (as long as it isn’t awfully staged like an encounter on The Bachelor) is a great activity for couples to bond. Grab your racket and head courtside, get squished at squash, shoot hoops or head for an indoor ski; the possibilities are endless.

Catch A Tuesday Movie

There’s nothing wrong with trying to cut back on your cinema spend, once you add the obligatory popcorn combo things can get exxy. If your partner in crime is cash wary too, make a date for a cheaper Tuesday movie outing. Sneak in your own snacks too or bring a home cooked selection of treats if you’re keen to impress. Far smoother than an invite to Netflix and chill.

Look Up At The Sky

Stop staring at your feet and point your gaze above. Stargazing doesn’t have to require a telescope purchase, if you fill the tank and head beyond the city lights you’ll notice the difference once the moon reaches it’s peak. A picnic blanket, pillows, snacks and a ride is all you need to take your dating game into astronomical territory. Starry eyed response all but certain.

People Watch 

There’s a fine line here between stalking and people watching, but although few like to admit it, there’s something wonderful about watching others go about their day. The everyday habit of European coffee drinkers perched perfectly on the sidewalk for an expansive view of foot traffic, this date requires only a beverage purchased. Grab a cuppa and watch with eagle eyes, talking over potential narratives for your unassuming characters. Like Sims brought to life.

Hit The Board 

Forget the card games and buckle in for a long session of dice rolling antics. Take on Pandemic or bring Words with Friends to life with a game of Scrabble. Fair warning though, Monopoly is a bad idea. Gone will be the doe-eyed perception of your beau, and in it’s place a money hungry property overlord who will stop at nothing. Keep your competitiveness in check if you plan on seeing the other person again, as in ever.

Chase Waterfalls

A weekend adventure sure to woo your special someone with visions of captivating watery vistas and cheesy Insta shots in the making. Seriously though, this is the stuff of social media relationship boasting dreams. A short drive from each capital city you’ll find your fair share of natural wonders, perfect for a post rain stroll with a little extra romance thrown in for good measure.

Hit Happy Hour

Unlike rummaging through the discount racks at the supermarket or treating your date to a meal of end of day food, happy hour offers the discount without the cheapness. An afterwork drink makes for casual territory and speaks to your mid week nature, you know still fun and happening and all that. Just make sure it’s not at the dodgy bar on the edge of the station, pick somewhere mid range and frolic in the wake of your savings. Even splash out on cocktails if your bank account so permits. Plus, a Monday to Friday encounter usually makes for less drinking anyway. Cha-ching!

Climb To The Top

You don’t have to quite literally climb every mountain, but a scenic stroll is perfect for date time. Get your Fitbit clocking over steps and explore your locale at once. It’ll give you the chance to spend time and take a cheeky shot at the same time. Extra points if you venture out to a lesser known gym or climb to an obscure vantage point. Then your accomplice will remember the whole experience with you that little bit fonder.

Dive Into Dumplings

Did we mention how much people love food? Just to reiterate, they love it. More than we’d like to admit if we’re being honest. Show off your knack for locating authentic cuisine and competition eating appetite with a visit to your local dumpling haunt. If the place is legit it’ll be cheaper than your usual dinner out with enough food to quite possibly feed all of China. Just make sure you know how to use the chopsticks, at least a little. No fumbling.

Get On Your Bike  

No don’t take your lover to a spin class, nothing romantic about an aerobic class in neon lit darkness. Instead head to the great outdoors with pedal power to push you through. If you don’t own bikes, renting wheels is cheap as chips if you’re cruising a touristy locale. Pack a helmet and a romantic snack for two, for your pit stops along the way. A two seater is a step up for the extra cheesiness, but let’s be honest it’s a logistical nightmare to work.

Take Your Basket To The Beach

Roll up your picnic blanket and pick your cheeses, a beachside picnic is a surefire way to win their heart. Easy to prep for and a guaranteed heartwarming reception, it’s a real romancer all round. Snuggle with blankets and cushions you brought along as the ocean breeze rolls in and natter about nothing all afternoon long. The ideal all weather beach activity with a spoonful of cuddly romance too.

Take Her For A Spin 

Or him for a spin, whoever’s in the driver’s seat it’s time to ride on out. Apply for a test drive for a sweet new ride and you can cruise around town for a moment or two like a baller beyond your means. Extra points if it’s a convertible.

Image source: Life Without Andy, Time Out, I Heart Radio, National Geographic, Little Grey Box, Garnier, Harper and Harley. 

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