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How To Support Your Favourite Artist

Whether it is that bedroom producer you’re vibing right now or a DIY band setting a new precedent for music – they all need support. Now, it’s easy to throw your money at them and think they’ll be right, but honestly, we can do better. As a music connoisseur you truly are the gateway to success, so here are a few ways you can work your magic.

Flaunt It If You’ve Got (Merch) It

Whether you’ve got a tee, mug or other varied form merch comes in – don’t let them collect dust at home, show off those goodies for everyone to see! People will see their striking design and ask you about it, and that is when you pounce. So, not only are they a good way to boost an artist’s presence, they’re also great conversation starters. Who said stuff can’t do more one thing?

Make The Most Out Of A Night Out

Firstly, good on you for supporting live music, we all know that its needed more than ever. When you’re at a show, take a few candid shots or post a status with your artist tagged (trust, social plugs are gold), instead of buying that extra drink, pick up a CD and honestly hey, the list goes on.

Spread The Love

Again, whether it is on your socials or in real life, share a ‘lil lovin for your artist. Have they posted a new track that you know your mates will dig? Are they in the draw to win a comp and need support? If you’re committed, you’ll easily find a way to get the word out there about your fave artist.

Raise Your Voice

It’s hard to judge the effects of one action, but it could be the thing that leads to a huge change. You may have just requested their track on your favourite radio station and boom! Hundreds, if not thousands of people are now hearing/falling in love for the first time. It’s a small action with biggie payoff.

Go Above and Beyond

If you’re super comfortable to put yourself out there, why not see if you can help out? Artists always need a hand with the promo for an upcoming show, maybe put up some flyers with them? Or, go a step further and offer to host a ‘house concert’.Truth is, any help will always be appreciated and keeps the artists focused on their craft.

Show Them You Care

It’s an ordeal to produce something you love but have no sense if people actually like it. Why not, leave a comment on their socials or drop a PM. Do they have an email or mailing address? Even better, take some time and let them know you fancy what they do. And finally, if you see them at their show, go up and say hi – it is beyond gratifying.

Image Sources: Lime Cordiale, Mediaweek, Winston Surfshirt, Sampa The Great.

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