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How To Take Control Of Your Life And Be The Badass You Were Born To Be

Now look, I’m not gonna sit here and tell you that I’ve got if all figured out. Because holy shit I totally do not. Like at all. But I’m trying to. And in working to take control and become the Badass Bitch I’ve always dreamed of, I’ve picked up some handy tips and tricks on how to do it.

Stepping up and taking control of your life can be difficult. Especially if you feel like you’ve let it run away away from you for too long. But it is possible to grab hold of the reigns and pull it back around. So here’s my top 5 tips for taking control of your own goddamn life.

Believe You Can Do It


The first step to any type of self betterment is believing that you’re capable of achieving it. If you go into it already thinking you may not succeed, then you probably won’t succeed. Look yourself in the eye and tell yourself you can. You’ll feel like a dickhead doing it, but there’s a bit of truth behind that whole “self affirmation” bullshit. Positive self talk is a big part of self improvement, so start doing that first.

Lists, Lists, Lists!

I don’t know about you, but I find writing everything down incredibly soothing. As soon as my goals are out of my head and on a page, I feel like I’ve freed up tonnes of space to actually focus on the task at hand. Even if it’s just little things like ‘drink more water’, or ‘start a juice cleanse’, seeing it written down, and being able to tick them off when you do them makes you feel like you’ve not only achieved something, but that you’re in total control of it. And that’s the aim of this after all.

Get More Sleep!


Okay, so me giving anyone this advice is textbook hypocrisy, but honestly, this is so crucial. If you’re constantly tired, and your heads all over the place, it’s impossible to feel in control. How can you possibly feel in control if you’re constantly waking up already on the back foot? Try to put in place a solid night time routine, including a self instated bedtime (preferably before midnight). Waking up feeling refreshed will have you feeling ready to take on the world.

Surround Yourself With People Who Will Lift You Up

Now I don’t mean literally, obviously. Although a team of strongmen carrying me around does sound pretty powerful. But what I mean is that having people around you who support you will help you feel like anything is possible. You don’t want people who are constantly trying to cut you down. Unless of course your goal is to single handedly dig into the core of the Earth with a shovel, which is, y’know, not a great idea.

Own Up To Your Mistakes and Remember You’re Still Learning


Shit happens. And when you’re attempting a life overhaul, you’re bound to fuck up a few times. Just don’t be too hard on yourself. Take note of where you messed up and why, and try to learn from it rather than let it get you down. This is all about taking responsibility for yourself, your life and your actions, so being the master of those will help you succeed in the long run.

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