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How To Tell If Your Partner Is ‘The One’

You’re in lurrrrvv.

When you’re in a committed relationship, it can be completely obvious or a mystery as to how long you two may be together. As you age together, the reality of commitments like marriage and children (if that’s what you’re wanting), become more of a reality.

So it’s important to understand the signs that tell you whether or not your partner is the one.

You Talk About Your Future… A Lot

Whether you’re talking about marriage, having kids, or just moving in, your future together is a constant topic of conversation. However, this should mean that you’re on the same page in terms of what kind of timing you need. It’s really imperative that you are both comfortable with what you’re looking for in the future and to be able to compromise if you’re not.

You Manage Conflict Maturely And Appropriately

Conflict resolution can be a huge breaking factor in a relationship. If you find your partner and yourself find you are able to discuss issues thoroughly without blowing up at each other, it’s a really great sign that you are able to handle each other at the worst times.

You’re Always Your Authentic Self Around Them

If you know you’re not scared to be 100% yourself around your S.O, it means they just might be the one. Feeling like you have to alter yourself and create any change to your personality is NOT what being in a committed relationship is about. If this is how you are feeling, it’s a good idea to sit down with your partner and share your thoughts. You should never feel like you’re not allowed to be yourself.

You Share The Same Values

Whether your values are ‘family first’ or total transparency with each other, holding the same values as your partner is the key to a healthy and long term relationship. It also may mean that you’re on the same exact page which is a great clue to your partner being the one for you. Sharing values might be one of the most important factors of a healthy and long-term relationship.

You Both Have Complete Trust In Each Other

If anything could mean that your partner is the one, it’s that you have complete and total trust in them. Feeling threatened and vulnerable in a relationship in terms of trust is a really unhealthy way to be in a committed relationship. Being completely open and honest with each other and holding each other’s trust will strengthen your bond beyond anything. Trust is pivotal in a strong relationship.

It’s always a good idea to sit down with your partner and discuss what you are both looking for. At the end of the day, communication is key in a long lasting, and amazing relationship.


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