How To Travel With Mates And Not End Up Wanting To Kill Them

You’re about to set off on a journey with a stellar crew, what’s not exciting about that? Sure, they’re great friends for that once a week catchup, but seeing them non stop for three weeks is a whole other beast. It’s likely the way they cough, their packing style or even their drunk behaviour will irk you at some point. To prevent any awful encounters while you’re travelling and how to manage any conflict as it arises while away, follow these tips. Don’t risk a friendship or an epic trip abroad by being ill-prepared.

Compatibility Is Key

Choose wisely, what makes for a hilarious mate on the day to day is perhaps not the ideal match for someone who loves routine. Sure spontaneity is great but if going with the flow is going to send you into an anxiety induced sweat, then pick a more reliable buddy. You need someone who travels like you, whether that’s hostel bunks or luxury stays, otherwise you’re opening yourself up to arguments from the outset. Morning people won’t be able to handle a night owl rising for the first time in the .pm. Don’t think you’ll change someone’s behaviour in the space of one trip. Don’t expect to become a whole new person on vacation either.

Pack Seperate Bags

This one’s for the couples and the ambitious mates, it will save you approximately seven unnecessary arguments. What if their poorly packed toiletries bag explodes through your shared wares? You’ll be wishing for your own space then, trust us. Maybe they’re a folder and you’re a roller, perhaps you’re crazy for souvenirs likely to weigh your bag mate down, avoid it altogether. Sure you won’t be able to split the extra baggage fee but you’ll be far saner for it.

Think About Your Cash

Please, oh please get your own travel card. In the wise words of Joey Bada$$ “They say money is the root of all evil, I say money is the root of all people”, we’re not one to quote irrelevant bars but money worries are sure to ruin your trip. Say one person looses the card, accidentally gets skimmed, blows too much cash on a night out or any other budgeting offence. If you can’t avoid sharing an account, make sure you have your own card and carry cash. Convenience will feel like a long distant plus when something goes wrong and you’re stranded abroad without a single penny to your name.

Divide Your Time

Don’t spend every waking minute together. Even the bestest of buds will find themselves tiring of the same old jokes after an extended amount of time together. Go for a run in the morning, grab a coffee by yourself or head to the hostel common room solo, a little alone time will make the time you’re running wild together even better. Make sure you allocate this time a little in advance, rather than disappearing on your travel buddy and having them call the consulate in a frenzy. Not ideal.

Kill Them With Kindness

Look, the honest truth is, you’re not perfect either. If you realise this from day one, you’ll be just the right amount of self aware to make your personality bearable for a long period of time. In the same way their laugh grates on your nerves and their shitty pickup lines embarrass you, you have your quirks too. Make every effort to be kind to your travel buddy, don’t sweat the small stuff. So they used your last wet wipe or lost your lighter, in the grand scheme of things it’s not worth bickering about.

Speak Up

That being said, if something is bothering you, talk about it. There’s no point turning a trip sour because you failed to sort out your issue. What starts off as minor can escalate into an all consuming annoyance, so nip it before it starts to bloom into a full blown argument. If you’ve picked the right travel bud (fingers crossed) they’ll be open minded, understanding and apologetic.

Make New Friends

Do you love new people? So do we. Go out meet and greet them. Whether you’re exploring local spots or venturing abroad, people are arguably the very best. Fellow travellers are some of the only people that will tolerate your travel stories, care about your Aussie accent and have any interest in your beer pong ability. Meeting new people is the perfect way to avoid tiring of your travel partner, without becoming a recluse. Who knows your may pickup or find a pal worth writing too once you return home.

Get Over FOMO

Fuck FOMO, you’re on holiday. Worry not about what you’re missing out on, focus on what you do get to experience. If you’re constantly comparing your travel experiences or encounters to your mates, jealously will fester and spoil your time away. It’s just not worth it. Instead, if you feel FOMO broiling inside, get out and do something worth talking about yourself, there’s no better time to push yourself beyond your comfort zone.

Don’t Be A Dick

Self explanatory you would think, but something about holiday mode turns even the sunniest of friends into absolute monsters. Don’t relax too much and forgo common courtesy, unless you want to return home with less friends then you left with. Be considerate and treat your travel buddies with respect, no matter how jet lagged or hungover you may be.

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