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How To Travel With Ya’ Mates And Not Kill Each Other In The Process

Travelling with your mates may seem like way better option that going on a dreaded family holiday.. again. You’re all similar people and you like doing the same things. It’s a match made in heaven. But your friend-cation is probably going to hit some pretty hard walls at some point, so you’ve got to be prepared to deal with the nightmare situations.


We’ve all got differing nitty bitty requirements in our lives and trust me, it truly helps if your friends compromise for you and obviously vice versa. Give every one the best chance of having a sweet time and don’t dictate the holiday around your dream getaway. These guys are (hopefully) going to be your friends for life and you’re gonna need them at some point so for everyone’s sake, just be nice.

Agree On A Budget

Make sure you talk about the dreaded ‘M’ word before you get on that flight. There’s nothing worse than a friendship crumbled by a mere taxi vs. bus ride dispute. Ditto for a luxury 4 star hotel one mate has been used to their entire life vs the friend that only ever stays in dingy (and sometimes questionable) hostels. Create a realistic daily budget and (try) to stick to it as best you can. Make sure you plan out the basics before you go too.


Much like being in a long term relationship (which you are, I guess), you need to keep talking to one another. It’s unfair on your friends to get super pissed off and take it out on them. Especially when they have no clue what they’ve done wrong. Try and shake off what’s bothering you, and if it’s still lingering, chat to your pals. They’re sure to understand, and it means you can work out a solution to ya’ problem. Nine times out of ten, you’re probably just majorly sleep deprived and the problem will blow over.

Take Some Time Out

If whatever is bothering you turns out to irk you for days on end, then take some easy time out from your mates. Just make sure you all know that it’s not personal, and you’re not going to fall out, but we just all need our own space to cool off after a while. Holidaying with people you’re not used to spending 24 hours a day with can get on the wrong side of everyone. Just ignore it if they snap at you, and give them space to get back to their normal selves.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

Travelling with your friends is sure to bring out the best and worst in you all. That’s okay. Just be honest with each other and you’ll be good to go. You’re better off sorting any situation out quickly that ending up holding a grudge and subsequently becoming worst enemies when you get home. Be intuitive and go with the flow. Work out what’s best for everyone and be honest.

Don’t sweat the small stuff and enjoy the moment. Spending time exploring and adventuring with your mates will give you memories that will last a lifetime. Take photos, smile, and please.. no killing each other.

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