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How To Turn Your Tinder Date Into A Tinder Mate

We’ve all got that one friend who pops on Tinder and gets matches left right and centre, or goes for drinks with the girls and gets constantly hit on. Some people just have all the luck when it comes to finding love (screw you, I’m envious). But when it’s a quiet Saturday night in and you’re swiping right to finally match with that hot Osher doppelgänger, it’s happy days.

Until ‘ya finally bite the bullet and meet up with said Osher hottie, only to find out you’re just not that into them (or you’ve been totally catfished). You might also find qualities in that person that you’d like to hang around. When you want the best of both worlds, we’ve got your back. So here are a few tips on how to friend zone your date, without hurting them (too) much. Let’s be real you have to rip the band-aid off some time, and it’s going to hurt.

#1 Let Them Know Early On

Yeah, you want to give them a good shot, and you want to be sure. But once you know there is no chemistry, you should probably let them know (and have the talk). Pushing someone into the friend zone is going to hurt less than leading them on.

#2 Dodge The Bullet One-On-One

Chances are, they’re going to be super keen to hang out, just the two of you. Keep it in the friend zone and invite a group of friends rather than just the two of you sinking cheeky drinks (we all know where that ends up). That way, they get the idea quick smart that you’re not as keen as they might be, and you can (hopefully) agree on some arrangement.

#3 Don’t Ignore, But Don’t Give (False) Hope

Sure, you might not be as keen as they are, if they’re sending 43 texts within the hour. But don’t completely ignore them. Find a middle ground between replying to every text and completely snubbing them.  You can ghost them and take the easy way out, but that’s a sure way to start cutting people out of your life (hello, single crazy cat lady). If you’re getting showered with compliments (lucky you), don’t be rude about it, use your damn manners.

#4 Keep PDA Minimal

PDA or any affection at all will give definite romantic/flirty vibes. Don’t give mixed signals, because that’s going to start playing with feelings, and we don’t want anyone crying around here. As tempting as head scratches and back tickles might be, just don’t. You got a back scratcher for that.

#5 If They’re Seriously Not Picking Up Your Hints…

Persistence might be key, but when it gets to a level where you’re just not having it anymore, cut the bullshit and straight up tell them how you feel and be done with it. Ouch yes, but they’re probs still going to be keen after you put them in the friend zone, and you gotta keep ’em there. If they DO try make a move after you put them there, give them a friendly reminder.

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