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How To Watch 13 Reasons Why And Not Stress Out (As Much)

It’s divided opinions as usual, but after a controversial first season, Netflix returned this year with their second season of the confronting 13 Reasons Why.

And let’s be honest from the get go, it’s going to polarise. Many of you may have already seen it, and some of you may love it, while others may find it a bit too much.

And while it will be a full on watch for everyone, that’s sort of the point isn’t it? With Season 2 (in particular the finale) pushing the boundaries very far, Netflix has already renewed the show for a third season much to the collective collar loosening of the world.

It’s pretty damn confronting, so here are some tips to make sure it’s a safe and less stressful watch.

Watch With Mates Or Family

Whether you watch it all together in the same house/place, or you watch at the same time in different locations, try and watch it with someone else. Naturally the themes are pretty confronting, and when you have to deal with them by yourself it can definitely be tough. Try even messaging a friend while you’re watching or having a little debrief with them should you feel a bit emotional post watching. And it’s totally alright if you do have a few confronting thoughts after watching.

Read Up Pre And Post Watching

It’s worthwhile having a little browse online before you watch a certain episode or episodes. There’s a tonne of really decent content online from episode reviews and previews, to opinion pieces and reactions. Check out this great read from headspace, which has a bunch of tips for both pre and post-watching. Not only can they prep you a bit for whats to come in each episode, but you might be able to relate to some opinions and thoughts online when you’re wondering if you’re the only one who feels a certain way.

Have Your Methods To Deal With Feelings

Whether it’s chatting to friends or family, journaling, drawing, meditation, whatever it might be – have your mechanisms for venting, expressing and getting your feelings out. Sometimes we just prefer to not be super vocal when we deal with confronting issues and that’s all good. Having your own ways to express yourself when you’ve got a few feelings floating around should be natural.

Don’t Watch It At All

If you do watch an episode/s and feel like it’s a bit too much to handle, just don’t watch anymore. 13 Reasons Why is intentionally meant to be quite a confronting show, and it’s naturally not going to sit quite right with a few people – especially if you can relate to some of those controversial themes within the show.

If you are feeling a bit down, or just need a person to chat too, get in touch with the guys at headspace. You can also read up on a handful of tips for watching 13 Reasons Why, and dealing with certain thoughts or emotions, here.

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