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How To Escape the 9-5 Struggle

Clocking in, clocking out or diligently arriving at 9am every day; the work week is dead. Sure there’s still water cooler chatter, an office sport team and that one employee who does next to nothing. But for the average salary man or woman the work never stops. 8am starts and long nights hanging back in the office make that once coveted full time spot a bit less desirable. So if you’re keen to do things a little differently or live the dream of being your own boss here are a couple of alternative work arrangements to make it happen.

Be an Entrepreneur

To some this may seem glamorous, a step into the CEO role without climbing the ladder. But the entrepreneurial routine looks a little different as everything comes together. To escape the full time stalemate it may be time to take a couple of jobs rather than just one. In order to have the time to pursue your own wonderful business ideas, part time, casual positions or a mix of the two. Jack of all trades, man of many hats – whatever job title takes your fancy, provides cash flow and crucial time. Time to build that website, grow your social following or find a stockist, or perhaps just start a business plan.


So your desire to escape the work cycle doesn’t extend to original ideas or business initiative, then freelancing is for you. Instead of being at the helm of a brand, the brand is all you. If the confines of office cubicles and arbitrary management practices makes you beg for freedom than look no further. Freelancing offers your own autonomy, working to your own schedule. And as long as the work gets done, then you’ll be cashing in. Sure getting off the ground can be tough but let your work speak for itself and you’ll be up and running in no time. Websites like Fiverr, Upwork, Guru and growing your contacts on LinkedIn are ace. Invest in yourself.

Look for a Job Outside These Hours

Consultants, hospitality workers, translators, customer service reps, personal trainers and a whole host of night owl professions operate outside the 9-5. They can do it, why can’t you? Early risers and those who wake up post lunch rejoice. Your desire to work outside this timezone could prove lucrative for businesses monitoring foreign cities. Did someone say foreign consultant? Slick.  You do you, whether that be a 6am end of day or 1pm start.

Telecommuting or Work From Home

Desk set up immaculately, more organised than a Kikki K store then working from home is your cup of tea. Pj’s and unlimited lunch breaks may sound appealing but without productivity it just won’t work. If you can do it then lucky you, buy that organiser, procure that stationery and pour the instant coffee. Working from home for some is absolute bliss, whether that be your own project or telecommuting. Although telecommuting may sound like a journey to outer space it’s another new working arrangement you can expect to hear a lot about. Security of a job with the flexibility of working from wherever you are, a big win for the productive. Snuggling in and getting to work could be a real possibility.


Working outside the office doesn’t have to be a lonely affair. Coworking is taking your comfy seat at the local cafe and empowering you to work with other like minded individuals. Hello productivity. Pull up a chair at the modern office, a space full of ideas. Coworking let’s you go to work, have a routine but without being forced into corporate life. What flies in the home office won’t fly  here but it’s certainly more lax than your CBD office. They’re popping up all over Australia from Fremantle to Melbourne and they offer startups something a little more affordable.

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