How Would You Like To Play Real-Life Mario Kart?

Who is better: Mario or Luigi?

Fasten your seatbelts, it’s time to solve the one question that’s been troubling our minds for years. Because the world is about to get its very own real-life life-size Mario Kart track.

Way to go!

Super Nintendo World – yeah, it’s gonna be in a Nintendo theme park – is set to open in Osaka’s Universal Studios in 2020. That’s just in time for the Tokyo Olympics – but, let’s be honest, what’s the real competition that’s worth winning?

Over 60 billion yen (that’s a thick $794 million AUD) has gone into this project. And it looks like it’ll be chock full of immersive experiences with your fave characters. Imagine riding side-cart with Peach, tearing down the home-stretch with Yoshi, or throwing banana skins at Bowser.

I’m clearing my schedule.

The course is built for teams of two, with player one driving the kart (that’s on rails) while player two uses power-ups and weapons. Omg do you remember the blue shell? The sucker that hunts the person in first-place to wipe them out? Oh yeah, that better be included.

Even more Super Nintendo Worlds are planned for Los Angeles, Orlando and Singapore (so you should probs book a month off to jump from theme park to theme park to theme park).

There’s still time to prep (financially and tactically) for the grand opening. Just like our Olympians are training for their own races, you should whip out the Wii and invite your crew over. Or call your best pal from primary school and bike over for a Nintendo play-date like you used to.

As for who’s better out of Mario and Luigi? Only time can tell – and I have a feeling all will be revealed in 2020.

(Editor’s note: it’s Mario. Shhhhh.)

Images: GIPHY, Nintendo

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