How ‘Ya Boiz Brockhampton Re-Defined Boy Bands And Became Musical Icons

One Direction who?

Remember Nsync or One Direction, well forget them, we’ve cancelled them. Ok not really, but just putting them on a cautious pause.

Instead, bestow Brockhampton, the new generation of boy bands. So, who, what, where and why are Brockhampton? Why are they so damn popular? And why TF are they such a big deal? Let’s delve, friends.

Nothing from the old, anything but the new. Mixing new sounds, and alternative rap genres together. Unconventional, abstract, wild, diverse, and completely whack. That’s a pretty on-trend combo, ain’t it.

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Led by Kevin Abstract, Brockhampton has sent waves over nations with the band originally formed through an online forum, and now touring the world. Talk about success?

So why do we love these guys so damn much? For starters, they’re the perfect blend of sad boys, to a bunch of uniquely talented guys who can actually rap, can shout in the most iconic way, and mumble (not like these Lil peeps and pumps and out there).

They’re quite marvellous, unique is also another word to put it, counting over 13 goddamn members, so you can’t really get any more diverse than that. Even wilder, they’re continuing to grow, as the boys have released yet another album, impressive is an understatement, considering they released their first one in 2016. And as they gear up for FOMO in Oz in 2020, the removal of one of their past members Ameer Vann, due to sexual misconduct, cemented them in history.

They took the matter upon themselves to clear the situation, they let their fans know where they stood and how they were going to react. And tbh, a cracka set of music post the incident was the result.


Their new album Ginger hits a lot of the feels with tracks like Sugar and No Halo, addressing the ins and outs of depression, and of course, there are the bops. So. Many. Bops. Y’all. From Boy Bye to Ginger, it’s like we’re running around a carnival, hearts pumping, and of course, heads bopping.

After their trilogy, the Saturation albums have declared the best of the best, with tracks like Sweet and Bleach allowing Ginger to pave the way into summer, which means, even more, bops y’all. And they don’t plan on stopping. They’re in the game, they’re hungry and they’re unlike other boy bands we’ve witnessed.

Check out how some fans have reacted below, and honestly, we don’t blame them. The demand is high, and the source material is strong.

They speak well for a bunch of relatively young lads, and between their hard work status (we got told they were recording in their Sydney studios til 4am the night AFTER a huge gig), diversity and general wokeness – they check a lot of boxes. No one’s sleeping on these boys, and we can’t wait to see how they continue to rise up in the coming years.

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