How You Can Help The Lebanon Explosion Victims If You’re Feeling Powerless

Donate, donate, donate!

Yesterday, we woke up to news of a huge explosion in Lebanon’s capital, Beirut. Social media was plastered with videos of the devastating explosion, images of blood-covered victims straggling down streets, and a heart-wrenching viral image of a nurse cradling three newborn babies she had rescued.

At the time of writing, there have been 125 recorded deaths, over 4000 injured, and up to 250,000 people left without homes.

Lebanon has been in a precarious state for a while with an economic crisis, deep political unrest amidst mass protests and revolutions, and COVID-19 devastating the nation.

The country is now on the brink of collapse, and it’s hard to watch from the other side of the world, feeling like you can’t help – but you can, at least in some ways.

While we may not be able to lend physical assistance, we can still donate – so here’s a bunch of donation links you can contribute to.

First Of All, Make Sure The Orgs You Donate To Transfer The Money As “Fresh” Cash

Due to the economic crisis in Lebanon, money transferred at the old exchange rate is of little value and won’t get the recipient very far at all. If you’re unsure, reach out to organisations and charities and ask them if they are donating money as “fresh” cash, so that your donation is actually making an impact.

Lebanese Red Cross

The Lebanese Red Cross is the best place for you to be donating your money right now. You can download the Red Cross app or donate online here.

Lebanese Food Bank

The Lebanese Food Bank is taking donations to aid families all over Lebanon, buying milk and diapers for babies, distributing meals, and helping education children and families. You can donate here.

LIFE’s Emergency Relief Fund

LIFE’s Emergency Relief Fund is collecting donations that will be distributed to several NGO’s to provide medical aid, alleviate poverty and work on fixing the devastating losses of infrastructure after the blast.

They’re independent, apolitical and areligious because their goal is getting aid to all vulnerable Lebanese residents, no matter who they are. You can donate here.

Donner Sang Compter

While we can’t donate blood, we can support organisations that collect and distribute it. Donner Sang Compt was founded in 2010 and hosts blood drives while trying to raise awareness for voluntary blood donations. They cover their bases costs with monetary donations, and you can contribute here.

Medical Relief To Lebanon GoFundMe

This GoFundMe is raising money to buy and ship medical equipment to Lebanon. They are not distributing money to people on the ground, but covering the costs of necessary medical equipment. Donate here.

Check Out The Help Lebanon Site

The site Help Lebanon has compiled a list of ways you can contribute to the humanitarian effort in Lebanon, divided into sections: Crowdfunding initiatives, Education, Blood Donations and Equipment, Environmental Initiative, Protection of Domestic Workers and Food and Elderly Care.

Check out the site for a longer and more thorough list of organisations you can donate to.

If You Can’t Donate Money Right Now, Share Links And Resources

We know not everyone has the capacity to donate right now, especially during a global pandemic in a time where unemployment and job scarcity is sky rocketing – but there are other ways you can help, too.

Share resources to donate where you can, signal boost donation links and smaller GoFundMe’s, platform Lebanese people who are sharing their stories, insights and experiences, and support your local Lebanese community.

Image Sources: @AymanM, @ABC, @nalaevus, @joeyayoub, @localbaghdaddy, @TheDeadDistrict

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