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Humans Of Your Shot – MAIIAM

Humans Of Your Shot is a series where we chat to the legends competing in the annual DJ comp. It’s the opportunity of the lifetime that swaps the bedroom decks for a main stage. Your Shot (presented by Alcatel), has produced past winners like Tigerlily and Gemellini.

Just days before the final leg of the competition we spoke with the DJ duo MAIIAM, sisters who reside in whoop whoop, otherwise known as the south east of Melbourne. They were both the combination of super pumped and nervous for the weekend ahead and spoke to us about their Your Shot journey and aspirations in music production.

So explain to us your DJ name?

MAIIAM. Mai – Pronounced ‘My’, it’s our last name. ‘MaiiaM is just Mai mirrored. We’re often called the Mai Sisters.

Tell us a little about your day job?

Titchiang: I work in retail, and it’s always fun and challenging. I get to meet different people everyday and learn new tools that can be really helpful in the long run.

Dijok: I quit my full time job three months ago to focus on uni and other projects. I now have the time to explore passions that I’ve had on hold for a while. I’ve had time to finally create some clothing designs I had in mind – I’ve been teaching myself to produce and most importantly, taking care of my mind and body. It’s been great.

How did you hear about Your Shot?

One of our friends did Your Shot a couple of years back and they’ve been telling us to do it and this year we thought we’d give it a go. We formed as a creative duo last November and have been stepping out of our comfort zones and trying out new things that can really help us grow individually and together as a creative DJ duo.

What made you decide that it was the best platform to launch a career in the industry?

Your Shot is such a great experience filled to the brim with endless opportunities. You’re taught everything you need to know about DJing. You get big quality brands behind the competition; industry people, the privilege to meet incredible friends and be exposed to individuals that have experience and can give insight, tips and encouragement. Thus Your Shot is the best platform to launch a career, as the experience alone is an assist to the genesis of your career.

Tell us a little about your journey with Your Shot so far?

We have met some incredible people that we now call our good friends and learnt so much about music. We have gained skills that can be really beneficial in our personal, social, and professional life. It’s been such a fun rewarding journey.

We’re just a couple of days away from our event day and the nerves are in full force. We’re equally as excited though!

What do you hope to achieve if you win Your Shot?

If we win Your Shot, we will be working hard towards getting on the line-ups on some of our biggest festivals in Australia. We want to travel the country, meet other amazing creatives, learn and most importantly – create a path for gender diversity in the music scene.

In an industry that’s mainly male dominated, we want to be an encouragement to other young females that if we can do it, they can.

After Australia, we will turn our heads to the global scene, starting with our home away from home – Dubai.

During this journey we have mapped out for ourselves we want to learn all we need to about music production. One of our long-term goals is to produce our own music. It’ll be interesting to see what sounds we will create given we have such diverse music influences!

This weekend (12th and 13th August) is set to be a big one with all hands are on deck for the Your Shot (presented by Alcatel) Melbourne Event. The revolutionary style competition will showcase the countries best up and coming talent, plus a couple of legends will be headlining too.

Image Sources: Almass Badat, Mashael Al-Saie. 

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