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Humans Of Your Shot – Meshell Webb

Humans Of Your Shot is a series where we chat to the legends competing in the annual DJ comp. It’s the opportunity of the lifetime that swaps the bedroom decks for a main stage. Your Shot (presented by Alcatel), has produced past winners like Tigerlily and Gemellini.

We spoke to Meshell Webb, hailing from the Central Coast, now calling Sydney home for the past 8 years. With a strong history and connection to music, she’s had a number of mates travel through the Your Shot comp and she thought this year she would give it a run.

Have you ever been interviewed before?

Oddly enough, I’m usually on the other side of it. I’ve been freelancing as a music journalist for the past 3 years.

How did you hear about Your Shot?

I’ve had a surprising number of friends come through Your Shot, all of whom speak highly of the process so I felt pretty confident giving it a go.

What made you decide that it was the best platform to launch a career in the industry?

It felt like a logical next step, I’ve just graduated from a Bachelor of Music and had some down time, I hate not being busy so Your Shot came at a perfect time for me.

Tell us a little about your journey with Your Shot so far?

It’s been really funny to realise what a small world it is! I’ve kept running into people I know and it’s been so great to see other artists supporting one another rather than competing, even though it’s a competition!

What do you hope to achieve if you win Your Shot?

Win or lose I hope to create new opportunities for myself in regard to performing and collaborating.

What are your thoughts on being a female DJ/producer in the industry?

I was having a conversation the other day with a Your Shot wildcard from a previous year and we got onto talking about how it’s really empowering for young female DJ’s to be involved in this competition as it gives us a really unique opportunity to show that yes, we mix our own shit and yes we’re awesome at it. I know I speak on behalf of more than one of my fellow female DJ’s/producers when I say that we’re bored of the stereotypes and that underestimating us is only to your detriment as we’ll sneak up and steal your sets and you can be assured that we’ll kill it, every time.

This weekend (29th and 30th July) is set to be a big one with all hands are on deck for the Your Shot (presented by Alcatel) Sydney Event. The revolutionary style competition will showcase the countries best up and coming talent, plus a couple of legends will be headlining too.

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