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Behold The Lovechild of 2 Australian Classics: Hungry Jack’s Barbecue Shapes Shaker Chips

I’m sure we all have beloved childhood memories of Shapes. The delight of opening up your smash lunchbox and seeing that mum had packed a mini pack of barbecue shapes was one of life’s true small pleasures. The other flavours are good, sure. But nothing compares to that hexagon of savoury goodness.

Now the memories of schoolyard lunches are a while away, and I’m sure I speak for most when I say it’s been a minute since I’ve bought a packet of shapes. Which is why this new legendary collaboration is so welcome. I’m sure we all remember the success of Maccas shaker fries. Hungry Jacks have stepped it up: hot chips with barbecue shapes salt sprinkled on top.

Head on down to your local Hungry Jack’s for a dose of nostalgia with a twist. They’re available for a limited time only, so make like the gulls and swoop in on ’em while you can.

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