I Can’t Stop Cackling At This Video Of Gladys Berejiklian Flipping A Cricket Bat

Someone help me, I’m almost out of air

I never thought that a video of Gladys Berejiklian would leave me in stitches. But it has. And I’m so thankful for it.

In the second edition of Fitzy and Wippa’s First XI Backyard Cricket match at the Prime Minister’s  Kirribilli home, the NSW Premier was given the time-honoured tradition of flipping the bat to start the match.

And what a fantastic job she did.

For those unfamiliar, the flipping of the bat is the cricket equivalent of flipping a coin for heads or tails to begin a match. But instead of flinging a coin in the air, one must fling a cricket bat, held horizontally, upwards. The captains shout “flats” or “roofs” and watch as the willow tumbles to the dried-out grass of the pitch. Then the game begins.

With the Prime Minister occupied playing for Team Wippa, it was up to the NSW Premier to look after all of the official business. And, surrounded by popular Aussie characters – sporting legends, actors, chefs, journos, and the radio larrikins Fitzy and Wippa (and co.) themselves – I’m sure she was sweating bullets in her dapper grey blazer (a very Richie touch, might I add).

I really can’t describe adequately the majesty of what I saw, so take a look at it.

Yes, Gladys, you sure did PERFECT that toss.

How is no one talking about how Gladys is radiating the energy of every fifteen-year-old girl in PDHPE during a game of dodgeball?

Or is 100% me when a bee flies straight for my face?

And I do have to give it to her, she really did give the bat some real height – so I don’t blame her for scampering away (like I would).

Had it not been for Fitzy and Wippa assembling their First XI on the freshly-manicured backyard of ScoMo’s Kirribilli home for the charity match, we wouldn’t have seen Gladys’ high-pressure sporting performance face.

Team Wippa took home the trophy and bragging rights for another year but, more importantly, $15,000 was raised for Batting for Change, a charity seeking to create educational opportunities for disadvantaged young men and women in cricket-playing nations. You can find out more and donate here, if you loved Gladys’ performance.

And that’s all well and good, but I think the real winner was Gladys. Or us. Honestly, I can’t decide. Let me watch the action replay again. I can’t get enough.

Image Sources: Fitz & Wippa (Twitter)

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